3 Reasons Why You Should Never Pick Up Money Off The Street

3 Reasons Why You Should Never Pick Up Money Off The Street

It’s pleasant when money just appears in your bank account without any effort on your part, especially if it’s a sizable sum. There seems to be a great urge to take misplaced currency off the street when we notice it there. However, it is wise to pause and consider your options first.

Some people can feel terrible about picking up loose change from the ground. Every time they found money, they would always return it on the floor. Others, though, could just pick it up.

Your actions in this circumstance will always be up to you. However, there are three reasons why you should avoid doing this.


If you opt to keep it for yourself rather than turn it in, Victoria Police have cautioned that you risk being accused of theft.

Many respondents said they would retain the money and thank their fortunate stars, according to a social media poll conducted on the Victoria Police Facebook page, rather than give it to the police.

Police, however, said that individuals who retained the cash would be breaching the law.

According to Victoria Police, “a person can be prosecuted with theft if they locate anything that belongs to another person and they retain it or treat it as if they are the owner of it.”

Items should always be brought to the police station, where you can take custody of them if they are not claimed after three months.

Many were astonished by the answer and agreed that the “rule” of finders keepers should apply, especially because it would be nearly hard for anybody to establish their ownership of the money.

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One woman stated, “I stored money when I was fifteen at the bus stop. It was a particularly windy day and $50 floated straight up to me.

“Spent 10 minutes searching for the person who could have misplaced it. Then, it was deemed that it belonged in the finders-keepers category.

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