7 Reasons You’d Rather Have A Good Beer Than A Boyfriend

7 Reasons You'd Rather Have A Good Beer Than A Boyfriend

Love has become into a national preoccupation. So many of us look for attractive, sporty men with seaside homes today.

Take note… While boys are wonderful and all, you should wait for a guy instead of wasting your time on one. And in the meanwhile, beer will serve just fine till you discover your true love.

Here are seven reasons why you may currently prefer a cool beer than a guy.

1. It’s easy to find, a guy is not!

If you’ve ever looked for a nice person, you’re aware of how difficult it may be. He quickly disproves your belief the moment you believe you’ve discovered one.

But decent beer is easy to find. Since there are more excellent beers available than bad ones, it is simpler for all the nice gals to purchase one. Simply check in at the closest bar to obtain a decent drink. There may be some men there as well, but the majority might not be up to par.

2. Beer won’t dump you in hard times.

When things are difficult, beer doesn’t alter its mind. In reality, beer typically understands how to step up in trying circumstances.

You can always rely on beer to be there for you after a challenging day or several trying weeks. Boys, on the other hand, appear to be particularly adept at fleeing when the going gets rough.

3. Guys don’t come with a label.

The beer’s label is printed in large letters on the reverse so that you can easily read it and determine its specific origin without doubting its motives or quality.

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You never know what you are getting into with guys until it is too late. Unfortunately, they don’t have that designation, thus they can end up offering you information about themselves that is not quite apparent. Additionally, beer doesn’t have countless contradictory feelings and heartfelt alterations that will leave you perplexed.

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