40 Instagram Captions For Virtual Wedding Pics & Celebrating The Love At Home

40 Instagram Captions For Virtual Wedding Pics & Celebrating The Love At Home

This year’s events have pushed many couples to reevaluate their wedding-day festivities. While some couples postponed their nuptials, many more chose a Zoom virtual wedding. Even if nobody is dancing with one another at the reception venue, you’ll still need some Instagram captions for the images you take during your virtual wedding. You don’t necessarily need to look your best because the viewer will be using a laptop.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) still recommend against social gatherings outside of your quarantine, so it is advisable to create a virtual event that everyone can participate in from the comfort of their own homes. If you have received an invitation to a virtual wedding, plan a real party. Decorate your venue with wedding-themed accents like a banner ($8, Etsy) and confetti balloons ($5, Party City). With these lovely flutes ($16; Anthropologie), get some champagne and enjoy it.

Additionally, be bold when choosing your wedding gown. You can finally wear the formal attire you’ve been longing to wear and try out a new hair or makeup look you saw on social media. The best part is that you get to spend the entire time in your fuzzy pajamas since you’re at home and not at a real wedding.

Just like at a typical wedding, you’ll want to capture as many pictures as you can. While you are watching the happy couple kiss, take a selfie, a screenshot, and a boomerang of you toasting to their forthcoming union. One of these 40 Instagram captions for a virtual wedding will ensure that you are ready to share.

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40 Instagram Captions For Virtual Wedding Pics & Celebrating The Love At Home

1. “All you need is love… and a good WiFi connection.”

2. “The coziest wedding I’ve ever been to.”

3. “Find me on the dance floor — aka my living room.”

4. “A truly unique love story.”

5. “True love couldn’t wait to say, ‘I do.'”

6. “Better than any Pinterest wedding board I’ve ever seen.”

7. “My plus one to this wedding is my laptop.”

8. “It doesn’t matter how you do it, you’ll always end up with a happily ever after.”

9. “This is also how I attended the royal wedding.”

10. “Now I can look at everyone’s faces all at once.”

11. “Eat, drink, and be virtually married.”

12. “Is there virtual cake?”

13. “Better than any in-person wedding I’ve been to.”

14. “My heart is, and will always be, yours.” — Jane Austen

15. “If I know what love is, it’s because of you two.”

16. “This is just the beginning.”

17. “This makes it possible for everyone to be here.”

18. “I never knew ‘attending a virtual wedding’ would be on my list of favorite things I’ve done, but here we are.”

19. “A wedding that even my cat could attend.”

20. “Forever and always.”

40 Instagram Captions For Virtual Wedding Pics & Celebrating The Love At Home

21. “I bet this is how Zenon attends all her weddings, too.”

22. “My favorite kind of vows are the virtual ones.”

23. “Kisses through the screen.”

24. “The party don’t start till we click ‘join the Zoom.'”

25. “Slippers on my feet. Love on my screen.”

26. “Felt cute. Might attend a virtual wedding in my living room later.”

27. “This is a destination wedding. It can be streamed to any destination in the world.”

28. “They just proved happily ever after does exist.”

29. “If I start crying, I’ll just turn off my camera.”

30. “A virtually picture-perfect day.”

31. “This is only the beginning.”

32. “Cheers to the newlyweds.”

33. “Can we have more virtual weddings? This was fun.”

34. “Together (even virtually) is the best place to be.”

35. “Your connection is stronger than any WiFi I’ve seen.”

36. “Zooming right down the aisle.”

37. “Ride or die for life.”

38. “They did it.”

39. “They got married. I got cozy on the couch.”

40. “I’m just a girl, standing in front of her laptop, asking it to not buffer during this wedding.”

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