No One Can Make You Feel Inferior Without Your Consent

No One Can Make You Feel Inferior Without Your Consent

Ever felt tiny and under someone else? Have you ever had a friend who, simply because they possessed something better than you, caused you to feel inferior?

So it stands to reason that they are a snob and that you are someone who doesn’t know oneself well.

If you had, you wouldn’t have ever trusted another person’s judgment of you.

No one can make you lesser without your cooperation, said Eleanor Roosevelt, the former first lady and wife of Franklin Roosevelt.

Since then, the term has been used several times and is now a crucial component of lectures on personality development and self-motivation.

It is your mind and intellect at work when you feel inferior to someone. If you do believe that someone is superior to you, something is wrong with you.

There is a fine line between being praised or given a commitment by someone and feeling inferior or unworthy in their presence.

If this has ever happened to you, you need to take another look at the circumstance and the offending party. Did that individual want to bring you down or make you feel unworthy?

Without your consent has a significant connotation in this sentence. The people in your life come and go.

Some are kind, some are friendly, some are inspiring, some are cruel, some are bizarre, and some are snubs, but many are nice.

You need to brush off and disregard these slights.

They may be more powerful, famous, beautiful, or wealthy, but if they can make you feel inferior by their snide remarks, lack of interest in you, or other acts, you must realize that they are hollow within.

Other times, you could feel unworthy or inferior in the presence of individuals who are truly lovely yet more talented than you.

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Even if they didn’t want to, their acts or words nonetheless made you feel inferior. All you can do in these situations is try to emulate them or simply distance yourself from them.

But whether someone does it purposefully or unintentionally, feeling useless and inferior is all up to you.

After all, only you have the ability to regulate your thoughts and heart. Why even feel inferior?

Doing this will determine their fate, right? Or will others feel sorry for you?

You must realize that God has given each person a unique personality and a unique set of skills and qualities. You must utilize your strengths to the fullest and surpass others.

You’ll cease wallowing in self-pity once you start concentrating on this reality.

Keep in mind that only you are capable of loving yourself more and are the best person to judge your needs.

Some people get a nice feeling from inspiring others. These folks are cruel and lacking in character.

They are sadists who require the suffering of others in order to experience delight.

The truth is that these folks don’t truly feel content or joyful. They are the ones that require assistance.

These slights abound throughout the globe. But you need to have inner strength and self-awareness. You shouldn’t let other people’s perceptions of you affect how you see yourself.

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