7 Types Of Happiness And Ways To Find Them

7 Types Of Happiness And Ways To Find Them

Everyone wants to be happy in their lives. It’s great that the term “happiness” is in vogue. But what really is happiness, and how may we live better, more fulfilling lives?

“Happiness is the meaning and the purpose of life, the whole aim and end of human existence.”


The state of being joyful can be used to define happiness. There are many various kinds of happiness, of course, and every individual experiences happiness and unhappiness in their lives in different ways.

It’s critical for folks to be self-aware and to genuinely comprehend what brings them true joy and contentment. Consider the many sorts of happiness listed below and the aspects of your life that bring you joy.

Types of happiness and how to find them

1. JOY

7 Types Of Happiness And Ways To Find Them

Joy comes from immersing yourself in the present and being grateful for what you have. It can creep up on you and occasionally vanish if you attempt to think about it too much, making it transitory. If you have the correct mindset and viewpoint, it can also be found in many things, making it a fairly approachable type of happiness to look for.

The simplest method to discover joy is to take part in the things you already know make you happy. This may be anything, such as yoga, theme parks, or your preferred music. In order to discover new sources of delight, it’s vital to attempt some new things.


7 Types Of Happiness And Ways To Find Them

This sensation is still a little ephemeral, dissipating relatively rapidly and having the potential to evolve into boredom, even though it can stay longer than joy. However, it could serve as inspiration. For instance, enthusiasm about a new job might inspire you to work more, and excitement about a new relationship can inspire you to try harder to overcome challenges.

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Additionally, excitement might assist you in overcoming nerves.

According to research, you may direct that potentially uncomfortable energy into more productive activities if you convince yourself you are thrilled rather than frightened or nervous.

The favorable emotions you get during an activity may last longer if you’re excited. Focusing on your eager sensations of anticipation may make the days and weeks leading up to your trip even more enjoyable. It’s also not too hard to find excitement, so going for this is simple. Take on fresh difficulties. Make a wish list. When a significant event is approaching, allow yourself to enjoy the anticipation.


7 Types Of Happiness And Ways To Find Them

Although it might vanish if you don’t actively pursue it, gratitude is a significant component of pleasure. According to study, those who experience gratitude on a daily basis are more likely to be happier and healthier than others who don’t experience it as often. 2

Furthermore, thankfulness is a fairly easy virtue to develop. You can keep a gratitude diary, practice loving-kindness meditation, or just express your appreciation to the people in your life frequently. It has been demonstrated that, among other things, cultivating these grateful sentiments might help prevent depression. This kind of bliss may be repeatedly recalled even if it may be less visible.


While sentiments of pleasure in your successes may be a tremendous source of enjoyment, they can also be a sign of thankfulness turned inward, which can be harmful if they are smug or competitive. You may be proud of your job and your loved ones, your house and yourself, and whatever else you put time, effort, and love into.

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By noting individual successes in your thankfulness diary or keeping a running list of “wins” at the end of each day, you may foster a healthy feeling of pride. You’re not suggesting that your achievements make you better than others; rather, you’re recognizing that you are a better version of yourself and enjoying this fact. This is different from boasting or being “full of yourself.”

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