70 Dirty Tinder Pick-Up Lines for Men and Women

70 Dirty Tinder Pick-Up Lines for Men and Women

Tinder is a great way to meet people if you’re single and don’t know where to meet people. You may connect with a lot of individuals in your region and beyond using it, and you never know—you might even discover your next significant other or fling!

On Tinder, I’ve encountered matches several times where I had no idea what to say to them. Some people don’t provide a lot of information in their profiles, making it difficult to strike up a discussion with them when you don’t know them well. What if what I say is unpopular with them? What if I don’t win their favor?

Here is a collection of 35 shady pick-up lines for both sexes that you may use on the person you swiped right on. Even though this is a collection of Tinder pick-up lines, you may use them on any other app. May the chances always be in your favor.

Be Respectful

These pick-up lines are intended for amusement only, and they won’t likely get a reaction. While some are humorous, others may be offensive. Respect the individuals you match with. Send them an apology and stop using that pick-up line if they respond poorly to it.

35 Funny and Dirty Pick-Up Lines for Tinder

  1. Can I borrow a kiss? I promise I’ll give it back.
  2. Baby, are you a lion? Because I can see you lion in my bed tonight.
  3. I’m not a weatherman, but you can expect a few more inches tonight.
  4. Your body is made up of 70% water. . .and I’m thirsty.
  5. I’m not a dentist, but I bet I could give you a filling.
  6. Are you an archaeologist? Because I’ve got a large bone for you to examine.
  7. What did you say your name was? I want to make sure I’m screaming the right name tonight.
  8. Are you a light switch? Because you really turn me on.
  9. Aside from being extremely sexy, what else do you do for a living?
  10. Are you tired? Want to change that?
  11. I must be a beaver because I’m dying for your wood.
  12. If I were an enzyme, I’d be DNA helicase so I could unzip your genes.
  13. I have 206 bones in my body. Want to give me another one?
  14. Please don’t let this get to your head, but do you want some?
  15. You look like an extremely hard worker and I have an opening that you can fill.
  16. I was told I have a Vitamin D deficiency. Could you help me?
  17. That sweater looks amazing on you. I bet I would too!
  18. Do I have to sign for your package?
  19. I was feeling very off today, but then you turned me on.
  20. Are you a campfire? Because you’re hot and I want s’more.
  21. Those look like quality pants; do you mind if I take them off?
  22. It must be Christmas because I can’t wait to unwrap your package.
  23. Are you a woodchuck? Because I can see your wood.
  24. Hold on, you’ve got something on your ass. . .my eyes.
  25. I’m having trouble sleeping by myself, can you sleep with me?
  26. Are you an exam? Because I have been studying you like crazy.
  27. I seem to have lost my number. Can I have yours?
  28. Are you a washing machine? Because I want to put my dirty load in you.
  29. Did you just sit on a pile of sugar? Because you have a sweet ass.
  30. If I were a ballon, would you blow me?
  31. Do you have any room for an extra tongue in your mouth?
  32. Is there a mirror in your pocket? Because I swear I can see myself in your pants.
  33. I’m accepting applications if you want to apply—requirements include your phone number.
  34. Wanna go on an ate with me? I’ll give you the D later.
  35. Did it hurt when you fell from the vending machine? ‘Cause you’re a snack!
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