8 Things That Happen When You Die

8 Things That Happen When You Die

Most of us consider death to be a pretty enigmatic concept. Even though we are aware that death is the end—at least for our physical bodies—the majority of us don’t want to think about what occurs in the last seconds.

I have thought about what those last minutes would be like, which may seem a little grim. I don’t want to think about it much or even deeply, but if I told you the notion had never occurred to me, I’d be lying. I’ve just started to reflect more on this subject and related spiritual issues. Here is what I discovered after studying the testimonies of those who passed away and then came back.

1. They see themselves from outside their body.

Most persons who have had a near-death experience and those who have flat-lined claim to be able to see themselves from outside of their body, however this is not true of all of them. In addition, even if they were officially (if only for a split second) dead, they can describe precisely who was around them and what was said.

2. They see a light.

Another typical experience of those who have briefly passed over is being greeted by a radiant, lovely light. While some claim the light is weaker, others describe it as a long tunnel leading to a dazzling, large light.

3. They see their life flash before their eyes.

Many claim to have seen the passage of their life before them. And in research, mice were used to observe this one. They have discovered that when mice die, their eyes start to move quickly, similar to REM sleep, as they retrieve memories. Even if it’s only mice, it does raise the possibility that you may experience previous memories just before passing away.

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