15 signs you’re a “good kind of introvert” and you don’t need to change at all

15 signs you’re a “good kind of introvert” and you don’t need to change at all

Meryl Streep, Michael Jordan, Bill Gates, and Albert Einstein. What bond do these four individuals share? In addition to being well-known cultural icons, they are all known introverts.

Not every introvert is the same. Introversion is often confused with shyness or a lack of social skills.

In truth, a research found that introverts are capable of engaging in conversation and social interaction; they just choose not to most of the time.

There are at least four different types of introversion, according to a different study: sociable, thinking, nervous, and inhibited. Some people are uncomfortable, silent, or thoughtful, or they daydream.

Although it could be difficult to categorize oneself into just one, here are 16 traits that the majority of introverts share.

1. You’d Rather Spend Your Time Alone

Being at ease in a room with only them is one of the characteristics of an introvert.

Blaise Pascal, a French philosopher, once said that “all of humanity’s problems come from man’s incapacity to sit quietly in a room alone,” yet you are perfectly capable of doing so you may even feel that your alone time is when you think the best.

The act of dining alone or purchasing a single movie ticket may seem strange to others, but to you, it represents serenity and isolation.

2. You’re Inner Monologue Is Always On

You seem to be speaking to yourself continually about almost everything since you spend the most of your time in your thoughts.

When you are waiting in line at a restaurant to place your order, your brain is often loud.

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Your inner voice oscillates back and forth, uncertain of what to say or order and formulating ideas on those in front of and behind you.

It may get to the point where, when you’re in bed at night and ready to go asleep, constant discussions are happening in your thoughts.

3. Talking To People Tires You Out

You have a finite amount of social energy if you are an introvert.

You need to be ready for the social marathon you’ll have to run when you’re asked to a party.

However, you still like meeting new people since you are able to get along with everyone and fit in.

However, after talking to enough people and when enough time has passed, you feel the want to go home.

This is among the factors that contribute to the misconception that introverts find it difficult to interact with others.

In spite of the fact that you like interacting with others, you must take breaks in order to recharge.

4. You’re Self-Aware

Introspection is a trait of introverts.

They often ponder their lives, their pasts, their deeds, and their conduct.

They don’t think more highly of themselves than other people; they are not narcissists. It seems more like their behaviors are always being scrutinized.

They want to comprehend themselves better, which is why they may choose philosophical works or works with themes of self-understanding.

It’s a nice characteristic to have to be self-aware.

5. You Enjoy Observing People And The World Around You

You like sitting at a seat in a café while enjoying a cup of coffee and observing customers as they go about their daily activities.

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The elderly guy is defying technology with his newspaper and steaming hot coffee, while the lady leaning in to talk to her friend about what occurred over the weekend and the man waiting to close a transaction in a suit and sunglasses are also visible.

You can’t help but be enthralled by them and wonder about their lives outside of the café.

6. Speaking To A Crowd Of 100 Is Easier Than Speaking To 1

Contrary to popular belief, introverts may be effective public speakers.

They have no problem giving a speech to the audience while seated behind a podium.

According to research, introverts make for better CEOs than extroverts; Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft, and Larry Page, the co-founder of Google, are two excellent examples.

When you have to converse with someone one-on-one, the issue arises.

7. You Delay Replying To Messages And Answering Calls

It’s common to put off responding to messages or taking calls since doing so might come out as too eager or thrilled.

If you answer the phone too soon, it can seem like you’ve been waiting for their call all day.

You must always confirm who is calling or sending you a message before doing anything else. You may then get ready and be ready to respond to them.

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