10 signs you’re actually a genius

10 signs you’re actually a genius

Would you believe me if I said you are a genius?

You would likely call me nuts.

However, there are certain unnoticed indicators that might indicate you are a genius, or at least on your way there.

Let’s look at it.

10 signs you’re actually a genius

1) You don’t fit in a box

This is the most obvious indication that you are genuinely a genius (even if you don’t think so).

A box cannot contain you.

You have an original style of thinking, which surprises and sometimes even perplexes others around you.

You have diverse ways of thinking and approach life from a standpoint that is entirely unique to you.

There are nine ways to be brilliant, says American developmental psychologist Howard Gardener:

  • Being smart about nature and our ecological world;
  • Being smart about music and melody;
  • Being smart about mathematics, logic and numbers
  • Being smart about philosophy and pondering existence;
  • Being smart about communication and social bridge building;
  • Being smart about how to optimize and improve your body;
  • Being smart with words and having high verbal intelligence;
  • Being smart with images and understanding of spatial distance and relation;
  • And being smart about your own self-nature and self-development.

You may be a genius if you possess exceptional intelligence in one of these areas.

Albert Einstein was not the only genius. Some people devise novel methods to cultivate food and live in harmony with nature, while others engage in philosophical inquiry in an effort to understand the fundamental principles underlying life.

2) You have endless curiosity

Your unending curiosity is another one of the very clear indications that you are, in fact, a genius (even if you don’t believe it).

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Running a bakery requires you to be interested in a variety of other things in addition to bread.

Even if you’re a well-known painter, you can’t help but get engrossed for hours in a video on the ancient Mayans and astronomy.

You just have no boundaries for your interest.

You don’t only like learning new things, either.

It is that you retain knowledge and use it to improve the lives of others.

That is very brilliant work.

3) You’re on the shy side

Being shy is also one of the lesser-known characteristics of brilliance.

Now, I’m not saying that all shy people are brilliant.


However, most geniuses are quiet, bordering on timid individuals.

They are bashful so often that social anxiety is even labeled as a result.

According to Josie Griffiths:

“Some 60 percent of clever kids are introverted, according to The Gifted Development Center.  And more than 75 percent of people with an IQ of 160 or above are also shy.”

4) You know your own power

The problem with all those introverted geniuses is this:

There are some very smart individuals who will never have the ability to share their knowledge and insights or be considered geniuses.

Unfortunately, many smart brains are paralyzed by self-doubt.

They have so much to offer and so much potential to develop, but a sense of inadequacy and fear of being evaluated by others keep them from doing so.

5) You can’t stand mediocrity and complacency

The unwillingness to put up with mediocrity and passivity is another sign of brilliance.

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In any subject, geniuses are inquisitive, devoted, and creative.

They are astonished and appalled when they encounter individuals who just don’t care.

because they do care and want to make a difference.

In actuality, perfectionists who are continually working to further their field of expertise are often considered to be geniuses.

Think of Elon Musk:

He didn’t just start up Tesla and then sit back with popcorn and his remote control. He works every day to innovate in space, AI and various other technologies.

As Robert Cornish writes:

“Geniuses cannot tolerate mediocrity, particularly in themselves. Never be easily satisfied with yourself. Always strive to do better.”

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