How To Decline Being The Best Man Politely

How To Decline Being The Best Man Politely

There are certainly times when it’s appropriate to decline an invitation to serve as someone’s best man, and we’ve got a list of appropriate justifications for you to choose from.

It might be embarrassing and uncomfortable to try to avoid taking on the role of best man. Since the groom is probably a friend of yours, you get the honor of serving as his best man during one of the most important events in his life. Step back and consider whether the groom might have requested you to perform this honor in an effort to repair your friendship if you don’t get along with him the greatest for one reason or another.

If maintaining a friendship or avoiding awkward situations doesn’t appeal to you and you’re determined to leave the party early, that is entirely within your right to do. Because of how formal, pricey, and stressful weddings are.

Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Even Attend the Wedding

You might wish to forgo the wedding entirely for reasons other than the fact that you’re not the best man. There are several compelling reasons why you shouldn’t participate in the wedding, among them:

1. The bride and you don’t get along.

This is a compelling argument for you to skip the wedding festivities. You probably shouldn’t be helping the couple celebrate their happiness if you can’t endorse the relationship, especially not in the role of best man.

2. You and the bride get along too well.

Do you have a secret crush on the bride-to-be? Do you share a love history or have you ever slept together? You should probably decline the best man role at this wedding for one of the best reasons imaginable. Who wants to take the chance of repeating their declaration of love for the bride when the minister says: “If anyone finds a reason for the bride and groom not to be wed…”

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3. His pals don’t get along with you.

Do you get along with the rest of his groomsmen? Due to the fact that you’ll be spending a lot of time with the groom and his pals, there is another good reason to decline. If you don’t get along with your immediate group of friends, it could hinder your best man activities.

4. You’re not really that close.

Simply put, it has happened previously where you don’t really know the individual all that well. He might not know many people in your region because he recently relocated there. You haven’t even met his fiancée, so it became really awkward when you suddenly found yourself expected to act like his “bestie” during his wedding.

5. There was a conflict between you.

You two may not get along because you had a falling out, a fight, or he could be a relative or your sibling. Even if all of these reasons are valid ones to decline the role of groomsman, consider how you would feel if something unfortunate happened to him. For example, imagine that a mutual friend phones to inform you that he was involved in an accident or passed away. Your disagreements may suddenly seem less significant.

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