Weird Food Combinations That Are Surprisingly Delicious

Why would you mix that with… that?

Weird Food Combinations That Are Surprisingly Delicious

Most likely, you’ve encountered some of these meal combos that have upset online users.

Unusual food combinations may be rather delicious, from bananas on pizza to Flamin’ Hot Cheetos coated in cream cheese to pickles on peanut butter and fries dusted with ice cream.

In our lives, we have all encountered some rather bizarre culinary combos. Some turned out to be pleasantly unexpected delectable, while others were a total failure.

Here are 15 of the most unusual meal pairings that taste great.

The people who came up with the following strange culinary concoctions are unknown to us, but we may assume they have cast iron stomachs.

Weird Food Combinations That Are Surprisingly Delicious

1. French Fries and Ice Cream

Whether or not to dip fries in ice cream has long been one of the major debates.

The mix of salty and sweet is elevated by this. You combine the tastes with the heat of a new box of fries and the chill of the ice cream, in addition to the flavors themselves. What’s not to love about something that’s simultaneously spicy, chilly, sweet, and salty?

Milkshakes also make a fantastic dipping sauce for your side of fries if you’d prefer to get a drink instead of a cone.

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