Why Do Empaths Have Such a Strong Sense of Not Belonging?

Why Do Empaths Have Such a Strong Sense of Not Belonging?

Too many Empaths go through life feeling like they don’t belong. They appear to have been abandoned in a world that is not suitable for them. Why is that, then?

Being an empath may make us feel like a big square peg attempting to fit into a small hole even before we know who we are.

We see those who go through life easily, according to social norms, seem satisfied with the way things are set up, and easily fit in with other people. They never appear to question anything or find issue with “the way things function,” even if they are unhappy. Why is it so simple for them to “blend in” but not for us, we might ponder.

The way we “feel” is one of the causes of the “feeling of not belonging” that empaths experience.

You would assume that since one of the key characteristics of an empath is the ability to sense and experience other people’s emotions, that we would feel more connected to those around us. however that’s not always the case.

We are able to detect whether someone is anxious, angry, or depressed. We have the ability to sense when someone is lying or trying to be someone they are not, and we can even sense when they are physically hurt. Even while we may be able to relate to another person’s emotions, this does not indicate that we approve of or agree with their opinions, and it does not lessen our sense of estrangement. The ability to feel both happy and terrible is an empath’s talent.

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Of course, not everyone would view having access to every emotional impulse that Tom, Dick, and Harry had as a blessing. In fact, some people would argue the exact opposite. But what distinguishes us is who we are and how we feel.

The majority of empaths don’t fully understand who they are as sensitives until after a profound awakening or after going through difficult situations.
And as a result of this painful awakening, we could find it difficult to manage our own emotions as well as those of others. We could take on too much and end up overwhelmed, exhausted, and experiencing a variety of other bizarre aberrations. We need to spend more time alone because being with people is then not well accepted. This simply serves to exacerbate the “strong sensation of not belonging.”

These difficult, dark times are like an initiation, despite the fact that we can’t recognize it right away. They are intended to occur and to test us in the most heinous manner, which also serves to further distance us from the rest of humanity.

Empaths must navigate the shadows in order to reach the light. And by this I mean that we develop into better persons when we face adversity and seek to improve ourselves. Dark times signal change to come.

In life, good things frequently arise as a result of awful things also happening.

However, that still doesn’t really address why so many empaths feel as though they don’t belong in this world.

I think the feeling of not belonging is a means for us to keep moving forward even though we are all on a journey with unique things to learn.
We are expected to keep going forward, to keep learning (and unlearning), and to keep looking for our own truth. And it keeps us striving to improve ourselves in every manner as we look for “our place” in life and a sense of belonging. We ultimately reach a point where we cease seeking outside of ourselves for solutions and instead turn within as we get stronger, healthier, and more empathic.

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Our society continually attempts to dictate to us, telling us how to think, how we should be educated, and what we should have in order to be happy. However, the Empath KNOWS that what society claims us would make us happy actually won’t… even if they aren’t yet aware of it on the surface.

Not everyone should seem, think, or feel the same. Even as empaths, everyone of us is distinct, and we are each supposed to have our own individual journey of discovery. However, we are constantly misled and made to feel unimportant and insecure.

Therefore, it should come as no surprise that Empaths experience a sense of alienation. We are aware of manipulation and covert lies all around us, which makes it more difficult to discover “our truth.” In a world when everything seems so wrong, it can be difficult to feel right.

We may even not belong to ourselves, which would explain our profound sensation of not belonging.
The voyage does make more sense the further we travel down this path, so there is a silver lining. We will see it and comprehend the cause for everything we feel as long as we continue to work on ourselves, continue to have faith in ourselves, and pay attention to our inner voice and our own truth.

Although you may not fit in with the outside world, you will find your place and a sense of belonging as long as you do (be true to yourself).

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