What Happens When Your Kids Have Too Many Toys

We believe that having more toys is better. But frankly, it’s just too much. More is not always better; a good toy or experience is.

What Happens When Your Kids Have Too Many Toys

It’s easy for toys to take control. It begins very innocently. You adore your children. You want them to be content. However, before you know it, you’re knee-deep in abandoned Legos and naked Barbie dolls.

Everyone is unhappy, the house is a mess, and the kids are bored. Sounds familiar?

Toy overload affects most households. Many well-intentioned parents are unaware that having more toys really results in less play.

Children are easily overwhelmed by choice, and when they don’t know what to play with, they frequently wind up doing nothing at all. However, the issue is more fundamental than that.

Because of our society’s addiction with shiny plastic junk, kids are now pushed to play passively. They anticipate being entertained by their toys rather than really playing with them. For about five seconds, they are. Then it’s back to the floor — or, alternatively, the toy box.

Furthermore, the more toys kids have, the more they fight for control of a certain toy. When there are too many toys available, children would fight more than play. But guess what — when they are just given two cars — they instantly learn how to play together.

What Happens When Children Have Too Many Toys

Whether you have one child or five, having too many toys can cause a variety of problems that can be easily avoided by setting a toy limit.

Let’s examine some of the issues that result from children having too many toys.

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1. Having too many toys makes it harder for kids to share

Consider this: kids inherently enjoy giving and receiving. Babies enjoy giving you things and then demanding that you return them. When they were toddlers, if you gave them a dish of sweets, they would gladly give one to each individual in the space. This is so that they can share their favorite things, which they do when they are at ease and comfortable.

Why then does a small person who has a lot of toys find it difficult to share?

The easy solution is that children who have too many toys experience stress. Kids who are under stress find it difficult to feel secure and at ease, which makes it difficult for them to share.

2. Children who have too many toys get overstimulated

When there are too many toys to chose from, kids may get overwhelmed. They are unsure of what to do with all of those items.

Children’s neurological systems are still developing, making it challenging for them to process several stimuli at once. They may get irrational and crazy as a result of the excessive stimulation, making it challenging to persuade them to concentrate.

A Guardian article claims that giving kids too many toys can be harmful.

Child development specialist Claire Lerner conducted a US government-funded investigation examining the impact of over-toying kids. She discovered that having too many toys can limit a child’s development and even be harmful.

They become overburdened and overstimulated and are unable to focus on one thing for a sufficient amount of time to learn from it, so they simply shut down. If they have too many toys, kids won’t learn to play imaginatively either.

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