10 Signs Someone Is About To Go Into Depression Relapse

10 Signs Someone Is About To Go Into Depression Relapse

Depression is a very elusive creature. I mention that because there is always a chance of a depressive recurrence just when things are starting to level out.

Let me clarify for people who do not experience depression. When you have depression, it may be acute, which comes on quickly, or it may be chronic (clinical), which tends to return back at various times during your life. While counseling, medicine, and lifestyle modifications may all help depression become more tolerable, they cannot completely cure it.

It’s wise to keep an eye out for the following symptoms if you love someone who suffers from depression. It is much simpler to assist in preventing the relapse if you can help them understand what is occurring.

1. Isolation & withdrawal.

Isolation and withdrawal are significant warning signs of a depressive recurrence. It’s probable a relapse if you or someone you know who struggles with depression starts to spend more time alone, cancels plans at the last minute, stops responding to messages, or avoids people completely.

2. Overwhelming feelings of sadness.

As someone who has suffered from depression for quite some time, this is typically the first sign for me. It will seem as though all of the light has been drained from the room and all of a sudden, you are no longer thriving but instead, just getting by.

3. Difficulty concentrating.

When someone becomes depressed, it can be jarring. Oftentimes, it can cause you to get stuck in your mind, which makes concentrating very difficult. Most people don’t realize this is a symptom, but you have to remember, that depression comes in and hijacks your brain.

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4. Loss of interest in activities.

This is a possible sign of a depression relapse if you see someone who usually enjoys being active and investing time and effort in their favorite hobbies and activities but who suddenly seems to have lost interest in them. Frequently, this comes after a period of intense drive, which may make the plunge downhill much more difficult.

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