15 signs you’re a “good kind of introvert” and you don’t need to change at all

15 signs you’re a “good kind of introvert” and you don’t need to change at all

8. You Notice Small Details

Your energy are channeled to your eyes and hearing since you tend to be quieter than the others.

You may overhear individuals discussing a random investment they made while you’re dining out.

When you first meet someone, you could notice their arm tattooed with the band’s insignia or their peculiar method of wearing eyeglasses.

While to one individual these particulars are unimportant, they are fascinating to you.

9. You’d Rather Work Alone Than In A Group Setting

You are not at all excited about doing a profession that involves frequent human interaction. You would like to spend your time alone creating novels, developing code, or designing graphics.

Because you think best on your own, you would like to work by yourself.

You don’t feel obligated to keep another person up to date or follow their train of thinking. You may go at your own leisure.

10. Your Friend Group Is Small

Since introverts aren’t recognized for their networking skills, their social circle is often smaller.

Even though they may not be friends with many people, introverts value the relationships they do have with their friends.

Relationships are valued more for their quality than their number.

11. You Enjoy Writing

It makes sense that some introverts might turn to writing as a means to express themselves since they often prefer spending time alone themselves and have trains of thought that are constantly racing through their heads.

It’s prevalent perception that writing is a lonely occupation. Only you, the keyboard, and the empty document are present.

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Or you, the pencil, and a piece of blank paper.

It’s the ideal and easiest means of self-expression for introverts. Paper is more patient than humans, as Anne Frank once observed in a writing.

12. Even In Crowds, You Feel Alone

Have you ever gone to a big event and felt more alone than you would have if you were, well, alone?

As if you’ve just realized how many people you don’t know, so you uncomfortably stand around?

Amid situations like this, having a buddy nearby might seem like a life preserver in a sea of people; introverted individuals often experience this.

13. You’d Rather Avoid Small Talk

Small chat doesn’t have have a negative connotation; it just charges the social batteries.

There will always be situations when small chat is unavoidable, such as lunch breaks at the workplace or birthday celebrations where your buddy invites strangers.

You two have a mutual buddy, so small chat is always hovering over you. How exactly do you know the birthday celebrant, then? or “What do you do?”

You’ve noticed that most small talk events follow a similar format, and you’ve gotten to the point where you’d like to avoid them altogether by staying home.

14. People Say That You’re A Good Listener

Since introverts tend to be reticent by nature, they don’t mind when the other person initiates conversation and takes the lead.

That doesn’t suggest that introverts are idly present, sometimes nodding. The best listeners are those who are introverted.

Introverts are there to provide a sympathetic ear to anybody who needs to express their displeasure or chat through a personal issue.

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People want to unwind with someone who genuinely listens to them at a time when the majority of people are always exchanging stuff online.

15. Networking Is Difficult For You

For an introvert, networking may be stressful and draining. You get the impression that you must pretend to be someone you are not.

This is due to the fact that networking is something you would never typically do it makes you feel false.

You might power pose in the toilet stall or flatter yourself in the mirror before networking. “Don’t forget to be a pleasant, smile, and make eye contact,” you may say.

If attending a party alone depletes your social battery, networking will empty it completely in a matter of minutes.

Now that there is pressure to perform and develop relationships when you’d prefer take your time, conversations no longer seem natural.

Knowing whether you are an introvert or not may help you identify the circumstances that will be most conducive to your success.

Your chances of success may be lower if you spend your time engaging in extroverted hobbies like cold calling for clients or working in the spotlight than if you choose to pursue an artistic or literary career.

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