19 Qualities Every Alpha Woman Should Look For In A Man

19 Qualities Every Alpha Woman Should Look For In A Man

The Alpha Female is a strong, determined, and sociable female. She generally reflects an intimidating presence to others around her and isn’t afraid to express her needs. She succeeds in her job and has a large circle of friends.

A strong, capable woman is beautiful to behold. If someone does her dirty, she has no issue putting them in their place, and she doesn’t put up with anyone else’s foolishness. She really doesn’t have time for that.

A powerful Alpha woman requires a man who will be her partner, equal, and biggest cheerleader. She should want an Alpha Male by definition, but he can only offer passion, not stability. She doesn’t get along with beta males either since they can’t hold her attention or pique it.

Who therefore is suitable for the powerful Alpha Female? What type of a man can keep her rooted while still pushing her to develop and be her best?

Because not just any guy can keep up with you, these are the qualities that all alpha women look for in the men they select.

1. He Has His Own Full Life.

A needy guy waiting around to be accepted into her cool life because he doesn’t have one of his own is the last thing an alpha woman needs. Instead, you need someone who is complete in and of himself so that your interactions will be more enjoyable and not like you’re playing hostess.

2. He’s Someone Who Teases You But Also Gets Teased By You.

He would never intentionally hurt your feelings or say something to offend you, but he can tell a joke just as effectively as you can.

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You are familiar enough with one another to recognize when teasing has gone too far, but because you both enjoy being sarcastic and are aware of each other’s weaknesses, teasing is always amusing rather than dangerous.

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