19 Qualities Every Alpha Woman Should Look For In A Man

19 Qualities Every Alpha Woman Should Look For In A Man

3. He’s Not Irrationally Jealous.

An alpha woman is outgoing both at work and in her personal life, thus she needs to date a self-assured man who won’t become suspicious and envious whenever she leaves his sight.

He is self-assured enough to understand that your unwavering friendship with your coworker’s husband and the little flirting you do at cocktail parties would never jeopardize your relationship.

Because your relationship was founded on trust, he is aware that you are his and never feels the need to doubt you.

4. He Isn’t Waiting On You, He Has His Own Plans.

He respects that you have your own life because he has his own. He won’t ever criticize you for wanting to go out to the club with your girls.

Instead, because he is aware of who you will be returning to, he encourages you to spend time with them whenever you want.

5. He’s Ambitious As Hell.

You need a person who is motivated and inspired to achieve his goals as well as being active with his own life. Then, after achieving his goals, he creates new ones and takes charge of those as well.

6. He Doesn’t Air Your Dirty Laundry.

You can tell each other anything because you have complete faith in him. When you meet his family or go out for drinks with his pals, you won’t be worried that his family will find out about your embarrassing stories.

What you two say to one another remains between the two of you. Except for your BFF, she is aware of everything, including what’s going on downstairs and his most recent job promotion.

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7. He’s Mature Enough To Self-Reflect.

You need a man who is responsible enough to own up to his mistakes, not the kind that attempts to twist your words or makes you feel bad for silly things. He understands how to behave like a grown man and is in touch with his emotions.

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