How to Improve Your Relationship With a Highly Sensitive Person

How to Improve Your Relationship With a Highly Sensitive Person

Do you know someone who is extremely sensitive (HSP)? Would you wish to strengthen your bond with them?

You are, indeed, on the correct page. I’ll walk you through five useful suggestions in this post to help you get along better with HSPs. So let’s first define what a sensitive person is and what you need to know about them.

What It Means to Be a Highly Sensitive Person

One who is very sensitive takes in and fully absorbs all forms of sensory information. Because of how strongly they feel things, HSPs are often mistaken for being “too emotional” and misunderstood.

They are sensitive both emotionally and physically, as you can see. Yet, it’s not always a terrible thing. After all, this enhances their capacity for empathy and sensitivity to the feelings of others.

Yet, because to the constant ingestion of sensory information, HSPs may experience physical and emotional exhaustion. You must be aware of when a highly sensitive person is reaching their breaking point and what triggers it in order to support them and help them cope. (Or, even better, keep yourself from becoming overstimulated in the first place.)

Here are some strategies for developing a solid, lasting connection with a highly sensitive individual, since I am one myself.

5 Ways to Improve Your Relationship With a Highly Sensitive Person

1. Communicate continually instead of making them guess how you’re feeling.

Although efficient communication is essential to any happy relationship, it is especially crucial when dealing with someone who is very sensitive.

HSPs are more sensitive to the feelings and emotions of others, but they are not mind readers and cannot infer your motivations. This offers a lot of room for inference and their attempt to deduce your thoughts.

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Don’t let them create assumptions and come to their own conclusions. Instead, keep the lines of communication open and let them know what’s on your mind and how it makes you feel.

I can confirm that we HSPs value open and regular communication. Instead of trying to hide your feelings from us, simply tell us what’s going on.

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