14 main weaknesses of a womanizer

14 main weaknesses of a womanizer

Man who views women solely as sexual objects to be used for his personal self-gratification is known as a womanizer.

He considers the womanizer to be supreme. While others have obligations and commitments to relationships, he is enjoying himself and doing whatever he wants.

A womanizer, however, isn’t as powerful and impressive as he believes he is.

In truth, he often has a lot of significant flaws and blind spots.

How am I aware? I once had a thing for women.

I’ll explain why I was treating women in this manner down below, along with my solution.

Here are the main drawbacks of womanizing:

1) Burnout and boredom

The womanizer is often prepared to lead on women, deceive, and cheat in order to succeed. She cruises for sex and casual relationships without commitment.

The womanizer solely cares about getting his rocks off, regardless of who else gets harmed.

He may be a “pleasant” womanizer, but at his core, he is a man who has given up on finding true love or would rather have many relationships than start a lifelong relationship.

I was a womanizer, as I’ve already said, and I was rude to women.

Things started to improve after I met my girlfriend Dani, although it took some time, and I’ll confess that some of my womanizing tendencies are still there.

However, I don’t cheat, and I’ve never returned to the way of life where I treated women as sexual iFood.

Not only commitment to my relationship is the cause. It’s because I feel fatigued thinking back on my days of t*ts and Tinder.

I can still feel the dullness and the inside sensation:

It was more of a type of compulsion than thrill or genuine sexual pleasure. Although I was worn out, I also felt pressured to find a better, sexier woman who would eventually blow my mind to the point that I wouldn’t need to find any more.

However, the more I sought for this ideal sex goddess, the more empty and bored I felt.

It took me a while to understand that I needed to start treating love and sex quite differently in order to achieve true fulfillment, but I had to learn this lesson the hard way.

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2) Cynicism and depression

We also need to go deeper and consider the unpleasant reality while discussing the primary flaws of a womanizer and how to cope with them.

Guys who treat women like toys or objects often struggle with their emotions.

My experience was different from what the media has reported about this “toxic masculinity,” which they believe results from guys not being taught adequate limits and principles.

I was raised with the utmost regard for women, even to the point of placing them on a pedestal.

However, my womanizing tendencies were exacerbated by my unhappiness in high school and university with ladies rejecting me as well as my rage over my impression that others were finding love while I wasn’t.

I committed one of the mistakes you should never do if you want to achieve in life:

I used my victim status as an excuse for my bad conduct, believing that I was entitled to do anything I wanted.

Why should I consider any ladies as more than just a gorgeous face and sweater meat when I didn’t receive what I wanted and was treated terribly without the girls I desired seeing my value?

Definitely a horrible attitude. But you’d be shocked at how long this cynicism (and the melancholy and hopelessness it causes) can last and cast a black shadow over your world (and love life).

3) Emptiness and envy

While I was hooking up everywhere, I was also feeling envious.

Yes, I was getting a lot of points and meeting gorgeous females, but I wasn’t really connecting with anybody or forging any deep connections.

I envied those who had romantic relationships with somebody they really cared about.

I wanted to have it!

I was attempting to fill the void left by the apparently fruitless quest for love and closeness by pursuing each lady I caught sight of.

Although it may seem enjoyable at first, it was really rather depressing.

The Brazilian shaman Rudá Iandê’s free lesson on how to discover love and quit pursuing pleasure and satisfaction in the wrong ways served as part of my wake-up call.

Sex is fantastic; it’s not that it’s awful.

But many other things I learned about my sex behavior and how I treated women were really symptoms of a much bigger problem.

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I was able to fully turn things around by focusing on that, leaving behind my skepticism and disappointment to discover true love and the partnership I’d always desired.

4) Conflict and betrayal

The kind of confrontation and betrayal that takes place is the next on the list of a womanizer’s primary flaws.

I was treating women like throwaway objects, but so were they.

I was disappointed to learn that, on the rare occasion that I did like someone, I meant nothing to them.

I developed a sense of entitlement and believed that although I could have fun whenever I wanted, if I wanted to take things seriously, they would undoubtedly follow suit.


It turns out that my method of approaching dating and sex was counterproductive.

Women I slept with or briefly dated had no genuine commitment to me and often made me feel betrayed by having sexual relations with other men without giving it a second thought.

This resulted in a variety of disputes and unpleasant divisions. Despite the fact that they were brief, it hurt to watch how poorly they turned out.

But like I said, this was something I evidently had to learn the hard way. The answer is not to use sex as a band-aid and sleep with people I didn’t genuinely like at all.

5) Losing time and focus

The next problem on the list of a womanizer’s primary flaws can appear unimportant, but it’s a genuine one:

Being a womanizer and wasting so much time emailing people, setting up dates, and having sex meetings really consumed a significant amount of time.

As a result, I stopped respecting myself and fell behind in my professional progress.

It’s simply not very true to portray the womanizer as this cool guy who rides in on his motorcycle and crushes hearts before leaving town.

It sounds more like a nervous person slouching over in his Hyundai, messaging Wendy and wondering whether her strange voice indicates she does drugs or if she simply had a long night.

It more closely resembles squandering whole afternoons meeting out with ladies instead of doing your job.

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You spend time and get distracted as a result!

6) Loneliness and isolation

Some people may be surprised by the following statement regarding the fundamental flaws of a womanizer, but it’s true.

It’s lonely being a womanizer, or it was for me.

I now see that I was attempting to use sex and casual dating to try to fill the void I felt.

Although it may seem trite, what you just said is really accurate. I didn’t feel really loved or as like I was making genuine relationships. I felt I couldn’t be myself.

I chose the physical because I thought I could at least connect to it on that level.

While it’s true that I had some enjoyable experiences, the suffering I inflicted on the ladies who fell in love with me and my own mounting disillusionment made it not worthwhile.

After sleeping with someone on several occasions, I recall feeling worse than I did before I left my flat.

I believed that I had failed or chosen the easy route. since I had.

7) Loss of trust

I must admit that losing trust is perhaps the worst of a womanizer’s major flaws.

Not only have I lost faith in others, but I’ve also lost trust in myself.

I started telling myself things that I knew weren’t true and that I wouldn’t keep.

Like, “Well, this lady is extremely kind, so why don’t I see how things go with her and give it a break on chatting to others for a few weeks,” for instance, would cross my mind.

Then, as luck would have it, three days later I’m meeting up with an old acquaintance I had a sexual encounter with six months before.

The worst part is that, in most situations, when things like this occurred, I didn’t even feel sorry (will get more into this later).

I lost the trust of other women, but I also lost faith in myself.

My commitment to loyalty was certain to fail after a few days, and I began to lose trust in my own word.

As a result, I started to lose self-control in other aspects of my life as well.

This is bad!

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