5 Workplace Harassment Examples That You May Not Know

5 Workplace Harassment Examples That You May Not Know

Have there ever been any instances when you felt harassed at work? Maybe your supervisor said something that makes you feel uneasy. Perhaps the remarks are even coming from a supplier or client who frequently visits your place of business.

It’s not just you. At work, harassment affects a lot of people. Do you count among them?

The many forms of workplace harassment are numerous. Here are a few instances of workplace harassment. They can assist you in deciding if you should take action.


Ageism is a form of prejudice that emphasizes a person’s age. Ageism may affect persons of all ages, including the young and the elderly.

The AARP claims that businesses still permit age discrimination. One of the forms of employment discrimination that still occurs often is this one.

A person’s age may prevent them from participating in office activities. A manager could believe elderly employees can’t pick up new skills. It could be difficult for young people to be taken seriously.


The majority of firms offer instruction on how to stop workplace harassment. However, sexual harassment is still a significant issue in the workplace. Anyone, regardless of gender identity or orientation, is capable of engaging in this kind of harassment.

There are other forms of sexual harassment in the workplace besides unwanted approaches. Sexual harassment at work might sometimes take the form of jokes and comments. Sexually explicit images cannot be shared by employees.


Recent racial incidents have forced businesses to confront workplace harassment. Attempts have been made by businesses to find a solution to workplace harassment. Unfortunately, there is still a lot of racist harassment.

Racist taunts can take the form of jokes, offensive remarks, and insults. It also involves teasing regarding culturally specific meals and attire.

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Workplaces are not allowed to discriminate against people with impairments, according to Davtyan Law Firm. This covers both mental and physical impairments. Any illness is included in this.

A company is required to make reasonable accommodations for customers who require them. Employees are not allowed to make offensive comments regarding someone else’s skills. An employer cannot pressure a worker to forgo needed medical time off.


People may occasionally encounter harassment because of their religious convictions. Minor instances are permissible, according to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC). A hostile workplace, however, is not permitted.

Regardless of their religious preferences, employees should feel at ease at work.

Religious harassment takes the shape of jokes and stereotypes.

No one should be compelled to change their faith at work.


Recognizing the symptoms of workplace harassment is crucial. These instances of workplace harassment highlight some possible forms of discrimination. At employment, harassment by supervisors, employees, and even clients is a possibility.

You may need to take action if you believe you may have been a victim of workplace harassment. If you want legal assistance, seek for a lawyer who specializes in employment discrimination.

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