Are Some People Meant to Be Alone?

Are Some People Meant to Be Alone?

Everyone is inherently different. If you gave relationships a try and they just don’t work, you might be left wondering, are some people meant to be alone?

#1 You believe that it is better to be right than happy. 

It took me nearly two decades of relationships before I understood that being correct is not preferable to being happy. A difficult lesson to grasp. Sometimes it is preferable to simply accept what is, in your mind, “right,” rather than fighting for what you believe to be “right.”

If you care about being correct, you probably spend a lot of time trying to prove it. Such a waste of power. You might as well give up on finding someone if you can’t give in.

#2 You believe there is no surrender in a battle.

You won’t be in a committed relationship if you are the “fight to the kill” sort of person. In your mind, you are continuously engaged in conflict if all is fair in love and war. Your spouse will eventually get weary of your cheap jabs, “anything to win” mentality, and utter lack of empathy.

Any potential connection is destroyed if you always go in for the kill.

#3 You like things a certain way, period. 

Each of us has unique preferences. Making the bed is a habit I have. After getting out of the shower, I put on socks and make sure my feet are thoroughly clean before entering.

However, if my husband arrives home from work with just enough time to take a shower, I decide not to bother. Someone who isn’t as into “the correct way” as you will find it quite tiring if you constantly have to have things done a specific way.

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#4 What’s yours is ours, what’s mine is mine. 

A relationship won’t be simple if you act selfishly, keep things to yourself, or maintain secrets.

You sacrifice your needs for the sake of a relationship, and if you are never able to contribute or share, you are someone who is better off living alone.

#5 You aren’t willing to compromise, ever. 

Every successful relationship is built on compromise. I can assure you that compromise is not something that comes easily to a strong-willed individual. But it ought to happen.

People who are unwilling to compromise will always be on the wrong end of a healthy relationship, which suggests that they would be better off being alone.

#6 No one will control you. 

You could be better off alone if you believe that making contributions to a relationship equates to someone “managing” you.

When someone is concerned about you and your well-being, they may provide advice about your lifestyle, propose locations for you to go, or ask you to contribute to the team effort. Don’t allow someone dominate you if that equates to control. However, that makes a relationship fail.

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