Are Some People Meant to Be Alone?

#7 You like your “alone” time way more than having any “together” time.

You should live alone if you have complete control over your cash and free time in addition to your possessions.

We all prefer spending time alone ourselves, or you should if you want to maintain a positive sense of self. However, if you prefer being alone over being with someone, it is time to just admit it and accept that you may be intended to be alone.

#8 You don’t need anyone and prove it. 

We all enjoy being autonomous and solving problems on our own. There is no reason anyone would want to be in a relationship with you if you constantly demonstrate that you don’t need anyone and have a chip on your shoulder.

Allowing someone to assist you occasionally, even if you don’t like it, is necessary for a healthy relationship since there is no “I” in team. Alternately, remain single. That is OK and up to you!

#9 Other people’s problems irritate you.

Stay alone if you don’t want to cope with your own problems, let alone someone else’s. You give some of yourself when you share a life and a bed with someone, so be there for them when they need support or a sounding board.

Welcome to the club if you aren’t interested in becoming involved in other people’s relationships. But you should occasionally be concerned about other people’s concerns if you don’t want to be in a club of one.

#10 You are controlling. 

You won’t have a successful and happy relationship if you believe that you must be in complete control of both your life and the person you are dating.

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Because they are the only ones who make decisions, controlling people are challenging to live with. The person you are with will eventually want to speak out. If you don’t cave when that time comes, they will give up on your union.

#11 You are a loner, always have been, always will be. 

It might be challenging to turn that part of yourself off if you were raised independently and that was how your role models lived. The lonesome don’t need anyone.

However, you need a partner in order to have a good relationship. If not, they lack interest in the partnership. One of the benefits of having someone else in your life is that you don’t have to manage everything by yourself.

#12 You don’t like chaos or company.

You probably aren’t intended to be in a solid relationship if the only schedule you want to manage is your own. When you share a home with someone, you have to accommodate not just their schedule but also significant individuals in their lives.

That will cause a great deal of confusion and disruption in your routine. You are better off sticking by yourself and doing your own thing if even the smallest thing makes you tense up.

Despite the fact that humans must be social in order to survive, this does not mean that we were all intended to be paired up for the rest of our lives. Some of us were just designed to live alone, and that’s good.

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