Fathers Have More Influence In A Daughter’s Life Than Mothers

Fathers Have More Influence In A Daughter’s Life Than Mothers

There is a propensity to believe that a woman can raise a child – especially a daughter – on her own in today’s culture because there are substantially more single moms than there were in the past. Recent research suggests that this is, in fact, completely false.

Girls gain from having their father nearby, but they also require their father for appropriate emotional growth.

Why Dads Matter Emotionally

Girls who have positive ties with their fathers are less likely to experience anxiety and depression and are also better able to manage daily stress, finds a study published in the Journal of Family Psychology.

They are also lot more at ease discussing their emotions, and being able to express their emotions honestly can help them get ready for satisfying interactions with others in the future.

Other things that dads assist mold for their daughters include personal values, self-image, relationships, sexuality, and a sense of control over their own life.

When a father and daughter have a close, loving relationship, he helps his daughter develop a positive sense of herself and gives her the sense of control over her life that will give her the self-assurance to achieve.

Why Dads Matter Practically

Fathers Have More Influence In A Daughter’s Life Than Mothers

Dads not only have a significant impact on their daughters’ emotional well-being, but also on their financial situation and even their physical health. In comparison to girls with uninvolved or absent fathers, those who have a father who is engaged from the start are more likely to have enough to eat and to be in better physical health.

When fathers help their daughters maintain a stable financial situation in addition to strong physical and emotional health, their chances of success and ability to advance financially increase significantly.

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