If You Love Someone, Let Them Go

Why Let Go Of The One You Love?

In life, true love is crucial. It gives your life purpose and meaning. The last thing you want to hear when you’re in love with someone is, “If you love someone, let them free.” You do this because you want to spend all of your time with your sweetheart.

However, there are occasions when circumstances force you to take alternate paths. Your spouse could occasionally wish to leave the relationship to pursue other options. However, forcing someone to stay by your side out of duty, responsibility, or pity may even ruin your chance at friendship.

Which option do you favor? Being friends with your ex-partner even after you split up, or not speaking to them at all after a nasty breakup? Choose the second option if your love is genuine. Your suffering will eventually subside, but you’ll be glad you always have a friend to chat to and share your happiness and grief with.

The adage tells us to let go without fuss since, if the love is real, it will undoubtedly return to you. That is what makes this sentence so lovely. The unfathomable thrill of having someone tell you they can’t live without you is unmatched. You are aware right now that your luck in love has been successful.

So you must let go if life puts your love to the test. To measure the strength of your love as well as to determine if you have made the best possible companion for yourself.

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Mixed Feelings

You have conflicted emotions when someone you love decides to move out. First, you experience hurt and rage. You consider every strategy you can to keep that individual with you. You either compel them to do it or you remind them of their promises and vows.

But if that doesn’t work, you beg, plead, wail, and threaten to resort to drastic measures. Your ego explodes when nothing changes and that person leaves your life. You make the choice to avoid talking to or meeting that individual.

Either the agony decreases with time or you also move on. And you reject them when they try to get back to you. Either you’ve truly moved on or your ego wants to make that individual pay. The entire situation portrays your life as miserable, vindictive, and unjust.

If You Love Someone, Let Them Go

However, when a loved one leaves and you choose to let them leave peacefully, you are actually doing yourself a service. Although you experience hurt and rage, your main concern is for the happiness of your loved ones. You also make a call or pay a visit to see if your loved one is content or not.

Once the anguish has subsided, you either move on with another partner or become overly preoccupied with your own career. In this case, you may choose to accept or reject your loved one when they come back to you in a caring manner. Your life appears to be one of forgiveness, genuine love, and happiness in this situation. The added benefit is that you wind up getting along well with your beloved.

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Life’s relationships are inevitably difficult. In life, no two people experience the same things. But from everyone’s experiences, you learn that when you genuinely love someone, it’s best to set them free. Nobody can predict what their future holds.

When each moment is fully embraced, life is at its best. Therefore, you must wait and let them find you if you are intended to experience genuine love in this life. There is no purpose in squeezing or violently clutching onto anything. The path of true love is always found.

Final Thought

When it comes to love, destiny and fate play a significant influence. Many people spend their entire lives with their genuine love by their side. Some people make compromises when it’s appropriate. But the most crucial thing is that you be at peace with yourself.

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