Inspirational Parable – Life Is Like A Cup Of Coffee

Inspirational Parable – Life Is Like A Cup Of Coffee

Everybody loves to be motivated in their daily lives by things they find inspiring. Inspiration is a request from the soul to communicate with us. If you are a stay-at-home mother taking care of your family, you could find inspiration here. It is characterized by the state of being one feels when in this condition, not by WHAT you DO.

I had the chance to reflect about the essentials of life today after reading a story. It has to do with a cup of coffee and the principles of life that might “transform our thinking.” A fantastic fable that motivated me, and I hope it does the same for you. Enjoy!


A group of seasoned professionals from the alumni community went together to see their former lecturer. Soon, concerns about the stress of job and life entered the conversation.

A huge pot of coffee and a variety of cups, including some that were plain-looking, costly, and excellent, were returned by the professor after he had offered his visitors coffee. He then told them to help themselves.

The lecturer said, “If you observed, all the good looking costly cups have been taken up, leaving behind the simple and inexpensive ones,” after each student had a cup of coffee in their hand. The fact that you only want the best for yourself despite the fact that this is natural is what is causing you issues and stress.

You may rest confident that the coffee itself does not improve on the cup. Most of the time, it only costs more, and in some situations, it even conceals what we drink. You deliberately chose the nicest cups even though what you all truly wanted was coffee, not the cup. You then started to look into each other’s cups.

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Inspirational Parable – Life Is Like A Cup Of Coffee

Now think about this: The employment, money, and social standing are the cups; life is the coffee. They serve just as containers for life, and the kind of cup we use neither determines nor affects the caliber of our existence.

By focusing just on the cup, we might occasionally miss out on the pleasure of the coffee. Coffee should be enjoyed, not the mugs! People who are happiest don’t always have the finest of everything. Simply said, they optimize every situation. Live frugally. Love fervently. profound concern Say lovely things.

Inspirational Parable – Life Is Like A Cup Of Coffee
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