How To Win The Battle With Clutter And Live Normal Life

Are you engaged in an ongoing conflict with clutter? You are not alone if you believe that you are.

How To Win The Battle With Clutter And Live Normal Life

The National Association of Professional Organizers states that:

  • 54% of Americans are overwhelmed by clutter.
  • 55% say clutter is a huge source of stress.
  • 33% hold onto things they no longer want, need, or use.

Americans are “dueling” with too much things, and they are aware of the effects this has on their relationships, prosperity, and health. They are losing focus, as well as time, money, and energy.

The Pain of Living Cluttered Lives

Stop! Adding more attractive baskets, containers, or organization bins is like to applying a bandage to a gaping sore.

Americans are drowning in their possessions, and we are making frantic attempts to regain control of our lives (such purchasing additional folders, shelves, and plastic bins). We are miserable because of our excess of “things,” which leads to tension, worry, frustration, overload, and shame.

How To Win The Battle With Clutter And Live Normal Life

It significantly affects how well our lives are lived. Living a simpler life with less clutter would provide us more time, money, freedom, and energy to devote to the things that are most important to us.

More “things” doesn’t necessarily make us happier. In actuality, the more we purchase, the more empty and unfulfilled we feel. We will prevail once we break the cycle of constantly thinking we need more and when we alter the way we view “things”! Our lives won’t be owned or consumed by stuff anymore. We won’t turn around again until we have our life back!

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Many individuals lament that they do not have enough space for all of their belongings while also stating that they are aware they need to get rid of everything they do not want, need, or use any longer. They keep accumulating and adding because they are reluctant to let go.

Clutter Crisis

Americans have too much “stuff,” but we keep buying more of it. Here are some alarming facts about clutter:

  • 300,000 – this is the average number of items in the American home (UCLA study).
  • 11% of Americans will rent a storage unit in 2020 at a cost of $1,095 per year (Bloomberg).
  • $38 billion – that’s how much the storage industry was worth in 2018 with more than 50,000 facilities in the U.S. (Bloomberg).

People attempt to address their own clutter issue every day. But it’s much more crucial to honestly answer these challenging and distressing concerns before tackling the physical clutter:

WHY Do You Want to Declutter?

  • What is the impact clutter is having on the quality of your life and on your happiness?
  • WHAT is it costing you in time, money, energy, and freedom?
  • HOW is it impacting your relationships?

WHY Do You Buy and Accumulate More Than You Need? Does It…

  • Make you feel more secure?
  • Or make you feel happier and less lonely after loss or divorce?
  • Make you feel more important, more successful?
  • Maybe, make you feel like you can measure up to others?

WHY Do You Have Difficulty Letting Go of Stuff?

We frequently give our possessions significance, which causes us to be reluctant, fearful, or put off letting them go.

  • Sentiment – A recall or memory of a significant person, location, or period in our life might be found among our “things.”
  • Security – One of our basic needs is to feel protected and secure. Do we feel safer and more secure when we have a lot of material possessions?
  • Scarcity – Holding on tightly might be caused by the fear of not having enough or being without. Another reason we resist letting go is the notion that we spent “good money” on something and would be squandering it if we got rid of it.
  • Someday – Resisting or procrastinating in letting go… just in case you might need it someday!
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