Most to Least Painful Areas to Get a Tattoo

Most to Least Painful Areas to Get a Tattoo

The idea of pain level and pain tolerance is a personal one; what hurts one person more may not harm someone else as much. Although areas like the throat and ribs are likely to be highly painful, every individual with ink will have a different opinion on where it hurts the most. For one person, a terrible murderer can be a mere blip on the radar.

There is, however, some agreement on which body regions pain more while having a tattoo than others.

Before you take the plunge, read this.


The most painful area of his body to have tattooed, according to Sean Dowdell, co-founder of Club Tattoo with late Linkin Park frontman Chester Bennington, was his wrist. Even though he is fully covered in sleeves and a back piece, according to Dowdell, his flex point is on the inside of his wrist.

Since 1995, when Dowdell has owned and run Club Tattoo, he claims to have met others who share his feelings about getting a wrist tattoo.

In light of some of the other most gruesome incidents Dowdell has experienced, he believes that getting a tattoo on the stomach, along with the back of the knee, the neck, the throat, and the ribs, is extremely unpleasant. He made this determination from studying his fellow workers, tattoo artists, and customers.


One may become more sensitive to pain due to certain medical conditions. Some persons who have experienced prior injuries may have increased sensitivity in particular body regions. While some believe it depends on how thin or thick the skin area where you are getting a tattoo is, some tattoo collectors claim that tattoos hurt more on the bones. It’s none of the above in reality. The issue is primarily with the nerve endings.

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A tattoo on the top of your hand, which is incidentally fairly thin, is not particularly uncomfortable due to the thinness of the skin. It will still hurt a lot more even if you get a tattoo on your finger, which has a little more skin and tissue than the hand.

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