How To Choose The Right Dog Walker Or Pet Sitter

How To Choose The Right Dog Walker Or Pet Sitter

You probably know about dog walkers and pet sitters if you’re a conscientious pet owner. But do you know how to pick them, what questions to ask, and what red flags to watch for if you were to hire one today?

Whether you’re going on a trip and need someone to remain at your house with your pet, or you just need someone to walk your dog or check in on your house while you’re at work, this article may be useful.

Our dogs’ well-being is dependent on us taking care of it for them. To ensure that our pets receive the best care possible, it is important to do research and use discretion when selecting a pet sitter.

Here, you’ll find a comprehensive breakdown of the services offered by dog walkers and pet sitters, as well as details on when each is most useful. You’ll learn what to look for in a reliable dog walker or pet sitter and what details to provide with them to ensure your dog’s safety and comfort.

What Is a Dog Walker?

You can pay someone to come to your house and walk your dog, and that someone is called a dog walker.

Even more, some dog walkers give on-leash training as an add-on service.

Since the dog walker will already be in your home, you may also ask them to administer any necessary medications and feed or water your pet.

In any case, their primary responsibility will be to take your dog for walks and guarantee that your pet gets sufficient physical activity.

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What Is a Pet Sitter?

If you’re looking for someone to come into your home to play with your dogs, that’s the job of a pet sitter, not a dog walker. When you go on a trip, you might need to find a pet sitter.

They will take care of your dog’s needs, including feeding, medicine administration, and companionship. The overnight portion of a pet sitter’s job is typically considered a distinct service.

Your dog can also benefit from having a pet sitter visit your house numerous times each day. There’s a lot more included with the service.

What About Boarding?

Leaving your dog at a kennel while you’re away may be the best option. Puppies and young dogs benefit greatly from the services offered by a boarding facility since they are not socialized to spend extended amounts of time alone.

Boarding gives them access to food, exercise, and a secure environment without giving them the opportunity to destroy your belongings. Many of these places also provide doggie daycare, so your pet can socialize with other canines while you’re at work.

When people go on trips, they often leave their dogs at a boarding facility so that someone can look after them in their absence.

Not all dogs perform well in boarding kennels. Dogs who suffer from anxiety or nervousness may not do well in the boarding environment.

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