The Psychological Test – Analyze Yourself

The Psychological Test – Analyze Yourself

This test measures personality. Before you continue reading, have a pen and paper at the ready. As soon as you read a question, immediately compose the response.

Before continuing, please sure to respond to questions 1 through 10.


As you read the following questions, picture the scenarios in your head. Then, note what comes to mind first. Avoid giving the questions too much thought.


Question block

  1. You’re not by yourself. You are out for a walk in the woods. With whom are you strolling?
  2. You are strolling in a forest. You notice a creature. What type of creature is that?

What kind of communication do you have with the animal?

  1. You venture further into the forest. Your dream home is there as you emerge from the clearing. What is its size?
  2. Is the home of your dreams enclosed by a fence?
  3. You walk into the home. The dining room table is visible as you approach the dining area. Describe the objects on AND in front of the table.
  4. You go out the rear door of the home. A cup is lying in the grass. What substance does the cup contain?
  5. How will you handle the cup?
  6. You make your way to the property’s edge and come to rest next to a body of water. What kind of water body is it?
  7. How will you navigate the ice?

Find the results below …

The Psychological Test – Analyze Yourself
The Psychological Test – Analyze Yourself

Answer block

A relationship psychology exam has been administered. It has been established that the responses to the questions are relevant to the beliefs we hold about our personal values and ideals. What is analyzed next:

  1. The most significant person in your life is the one you are walking with.
  2. Your perspective of the extent of your difficulties is reflected in the size of the animal.
  3. The intensity of your relationship with the animal is a good indicator of how you approach your difficulties. (passive/aggressive)
  4. The size of your ideal home is a good indicator of how ambitious you are about finding solutions to your challenges.
  5. The absence of a barrier indicates an open personality. People are always welcome. A fence suggests a closed personality, according to the saying. You would prefer that guests not drop by unexpectedly.
  6. If your response did not mention food, people, or flowers, you are probably dissatisfied in general.
  7. The imagined longevity of your relationship with the individual mentioned in number 1 is reflected in the durability of the material the cup is made of. Styrofoam, plastic, and paper, for instance, are all disposable; although metal and plastic are durable, styrofoam, paper, and glass are not.
  8. Your behavior with the cup reflects how you feel about the individual in number 1.
  9. Your level of sexual desire is mirrored by the size of the body of water.
  10. The proportional importance of your sex life may be determined by how wet you get when you cross the stream.
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