The Top 10 Most Beautiful English Words

The Top 10 Most Beautiful English Words

The English language has over a million words, some of which have straightforward definitions, some of which have exquisitely exact meanings, and yet others of which just sound more lovely when uttered. Words include phrases, paragraphs, novels, and stories; they are so much more than a sparse collection of letters. When someone wishes to transmit their message with another individual, words are an effective medium. The top 10 most beautiful words in the English language, in our opinion, are compiled here.

Serendipity (n.)

A happy accident when things happen by coincidence. Example: We’ve all had the serendipity of receiving crucial information when we least expected it.

Petrichor (n.)

After-rain fragrance, which is lovely and earthy. Example: I still hope the weather stays bright even if I do enjoy the nice, dewy petrichor of the afternoon after a shower.

Supine (adj.)

Lying face upwards Example: She was lying supine on the beach chair looking at the sky.

Solitude (n.)

A solitary or isolated state. Example: We took greater pleasure than ever in the beauty and serenity of the deserted beach.

Aurora (n.)

The sunrise early in the morning. An illustration would be the stunning aurora above the cityscape.

Idyllic (adj.)

Like an idyll; extremely happy, peaceful, or picturesque. Example: The blossom growing in the courtyard created such an idyllic setting.

Clinomania (n.)

Excessive want to remain in bed. I suffer in the mornings since I have clinomania and I adore sleeping.

Pluviophile (n.)

A fan of the rain; a person who enjoys and feels at ease on rainy days. Example: My sister is a true pluviophile; she loves the rainy season’s weather.

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Euphoria (n.)

A condition or sensation of extreme enjoyment and enthusiasm. I’ll never forget the sensation of exhilaration I experienced after completing my last exam, for instance.

Sequoia (n.)

(A 7 letter word that has the letter Q and all 5 vowels) A redwood tree, especially the California redwood. Example: I love visiting forests where you can see a sequoia.

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