Top 10 Internet Safety Rules & What Not to Do Online

Top 10 Internet Safety Rules & What Not to Do Online

8. Be Careful What You Post

In New Hampshire, a teenage candidate learned the hard way that there is no delete key on the Internet. Even if you delete a comment or image from one platform (like Twitter), other users may have already saved versions elsewhere. You can’t erase that awkward party selfie you took or “take back” a comment you afterwards regretted. If you wouldn’t want your mother or a potential employer to see it, it’s probably not appropriate to post it online.

9. Be Careful Who You Meet Online

You can’t assume that everyone you meet online is who they say they are. Actually, it’s possible they don’t even exist. Hackers often utilize false social network identities to gain the trust of unsuspecting Internet users and steal their personal information, as reported by InfoWorld. Always use the same level of caution and common sense in your online interactions as you would in person.

10. Keep Your Antivirus Program Up To Date

While there is no perfect security system, up-to-date anti-virus and firewall software will protect your system from the vast majority of viruses. Maintain a fully updated operating system and all of the software you use. You can’t have enough security, and they’re essential to that.

Remembering these 10 guidelines for safe Internet use can help you avoid many of the dangers that can be encountered by those who are negligent when surfing the web.

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