15 Important Things To Discuss Before Getting Married

15 Important Things To Discuss Before Getting Married

You know, a lot of individuals get into marriages without having any serious conversations about life-changing choices. Some of these organically arise during dating, while others require a proper sit-down discussion. In either case, there are a few sensitive topics engaged couples are “supposed” to discuss before tying the knot.

Know yourself first. Recognize the significance of the marriage to you. Understand your future partner next. Before the wedding, be aware of your similarities and contrasts. Regardless of how much planning was done, there will still be difficulties to overcome after being married.

Top Important Things to Discuss With Your Partner Before Marriage

Here are 15 topics you and your partner should talk about before getting married.

1. Outstanding debt.

Who owns some, and what is the repayment strategy?

2. Children.

Would you like them? How many, if any? If not, are you confident enough in your choice to take permanent measures (such as a vasectomy) to ensure you don’t have them? When would you like to have your first one if you do want them?

If you are unable to conceive naturally, are you willing to consider fertility treatments or adoption? How long do you want to wait before pursuing other options after attempting to conceive naturally?

3. Location, location, location.

Where do you wish to establish roots? Make sure your partner supports your decision if you don’t want to establish any roots and would rather travel about constantly.

How important is location to your wellbeing, in your opinion? What would convince you to relocate if you were happy where you were — a job opportunity, the desire to be nearer to relatives, or better schools for your children?

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