How to React to Someone Who Flirts With Your Partner, According to Psychology

How to React to Someone Who Flirts With Your Partner, According to Psychology

What could be more lovely than meeting and falling in love with the person of your dreams? Maybe it was love at first sight for you. But what if your partner is being flirted with by someone else who feels the same attraction?

Humans are undeniably sexually motivated creatures. If not, humanity would have been extinct from the start. However, mature individuals are the ones who are able to restrain their sexuality and maintain loyalty to their spouses.

Were Humans Always Faithful to One Mate?

Psychologists and anthropologists don’t believe that humans have always been monogamous. Studies suggest that serial polygamy was likely practiced by our earliest ancestors.

The experts do point out that people still like relationships with only two individuals who are exclusively involved.

This excludes sex with those who are not in committed relationships. It doesn’t even cover situations where someone gets a new spouse after their previous one has passed away. It’s common to want some alone time with your significant other.

Remember when everyone was practicing their flirting in junior high school? Flirting is encoded into our brains, according to studies on human connections. Science categorizes this as a primitive function that, similar to a mating ritual, signals to potential partners that we are interested.

How did you catch your significant other’s attention, now that you think about it? You probably glanced at each other from across the room, grinned, and began to casually flirt. The fact that your significant other is already involved doesn’t deter people from making overtures or flirting.

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You will undoubtedly run into at least one individual who makes overt advances toward your partner. Despite being inevitable, the important thing is how you handle it. Your relationship could be in peril if your partner is participating in frequent flirting.

How to React to Someone Who Flirts With Your Partner, According to Psychology

How to React When Someone Flirts With Your Partner

Some people don’t want to brazenly flirt with those who are plainly dating someone else. How do you handle them without coming across as the green-eyed monster? Here are some suggestions on how to respond when your spouse is flirted with.

Online flirting is also on the increase, psychologists note. As you read these things, bear that in mind.

1. Appraise the situation

Imagine yourself and your significant other enjoying a night out when you observe someone overtly flirting with them. Everyone experiences it at some point in a love relationship. Take a moment to collect yourself before acting foolishly and losing your temper.

Was the individual who was staring at you a complete stranger? It could be tough to tell if two individuals are a “couple” on a packed dance floor or at a busy restaurant. This stranger made the instinctive decision after observing what you did when you first met your partner.

If the offender is someone you don’t even know, you can usually dismiss the gaffe. A little wink or a simple, flirtatious smile? Don’t raise a stink over something when the offender didn’t mean any harm. You’re in the clear as long as your spouse doesn’t reciprocate the flirting.

Stand near your spouse, grasp their hand, and smile if it helps you feel a bit better. After that, you might smile politely and quickly at the individual who is flirting with your spouse. If they have any morals at all, most individuals will back off and flirt with someone else.

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How to React to Someone Who Flirts With Your Partner, According to Psychology

2. How does your partner respond?

An harmless wink or flirtatious grin becomes problematic at this point. Did your partner see the individual flirting with them across the room? If the flirting were happening face-to-face and right in front of you, it would be more difficult to ignore it.

Keep your composure and observe your partner’s response. Your spouse will disregard it if you two are in a passionate and committed relationship. Expect them to stand up and say, “Sorry, I’m taken,” if things become personal.

You don’t want to assign responsibility for your partner’s lack of reciprocation on them. Put the flirter in the wrong. A person who is in love with you won’t consider flirtatious advice from others.

Any nice individual who unintentionally flirts with your spouse should be told to leave right away. Put it down to the fact that you are with a cute, appealing individual. Enjoy the remainder of your romantic time together and let it go.

How to React to Someone Who Flirts With Your Partner, According to Psychology

3. When the flirtation continues

Imagine that you have caught your lover being flirted with and that they haven’t responded to your obvious clues. What should you do if the shameless flirt persists and is upsetting both you and your partner?

When you realize that your significant other has been surrounded while you were across the room, the situation becomes even more awkward.

These are the situations where you need to intervene to calm the situation down. You can step in without becoming angry or jeopardizing your respectability. Approach your spouse, give them a hug, and identify yourself as their partner to the flirtatious person.

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Make sure to look the individual in the eye and smile firmly. You may also inquire, “Have we met?” As soon as the perpetrator has left, wait by your companion. This should be the only action you require, unless the offender has no sense of decency.

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