6 Best Under-Eye Patches For Puffiness, Dark Circles And Lines

6 Best Under-Eye Patches For Puffiness, Dark Circles And Lines

Masks for the under-eye area aim to moisturize skin and reduce aging symptoms. Do they really function? Experts on skin care weigh in and suggest their favorites.

We solicited advice from popular doctors, estheticians, and celebrity makeup artists regarding the best under-eye patches. Shop their preferred eye masks for wrinkles, puffiness, and dark circles.

How Under-Eye Patches Affect Your Skin

The medical professionals we spoke with said that under-eye patches work by addressing dark circles, crow’s feet, wrinkles, and fine lines, as well as assisting in the reduction of puffiness. Under-eye masks brighten dark under-eye circles and make you appear more rested by hydrating and nourishing your skin with high-quality ingredients like hyaluronic acid, ceramides, retinol, and anti-aging compounds like caffeine. The eyes are the first part of the face where we detect aging, and fine lines and wrinkles can start to show around the middle of our twenties.

Do Eye Masks Really Work?

Do under-eye patches work? Engelman acknowledged Hyaluronic acid and ceramide eye masks can help the skin look more full. The capacity of under-eye masks to quickly infuse chemicals into your skin led Engelman to label them “wonderful.”

The concentration of the active components is higher because they should typically only be worn for 20 minutes and provide an immediate pick-me-up, she continued. A board-certified dermatologist in New York named Dr. Hadley King stated that the patch itself is occlusive, which means it can stop water loss.

Your skin may readily absorb the eye mask materials when combined with the moisturizing active substances included in the eye masks. King said that there is no requirement to apply eye cream after wearing eye patches unless you feel prompted to do so. “I think the main benefit is that the skin under the patch will feel highly moisturized,” King stated.

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7 Best Under-Eye Patches and Masks of 2022

We consulted skin care and beauty specialists to get their advice on the under-eye spots listed below. Here are a few products designed to nourish the under-eye area that are suggested by experts.

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