What Your Texting Style Reveals About Your Personality

What Your Texting Style Reveals About Your Personality

Our world now revolves mostly on texting, and the way you write your texts, tweets, emails, and other kinds of online communication can tell a lot about who you are.

Do you consciously use lowercase when you text? Do you always include emoticons in your messages? Perhaps you could punctuate each statement with a period?

Texting is very different from writing a formal letter, and it allows us all to be ourselves. Because there are no set guidelines for how to text, the manner you compose your texts might reveal a lot about your personality.

What kind of “text personality” do you have, and how can you know?

So, based on what people tend to think about how we text, here are eight texting personality types. You might even be a combination of other sorts!

1. The Perfect Grammar Texter

When writing, you place a high priority on proper grammar and punctuation. Your email and text correspondence both reflect this passion of grammar. Don’t you think this is a fantastic thing? Who doesn’t appreciate language’s subtleties? People appear to believe otherwise when they text, though.

According to numerous research, the act of just adding a period to your text sentences can give the impression that you are unreliable. When compared to responses without, one-word texts with periods are perceived as being more unfavorable.

You probably possess serious and analytical qualities. You prefer face-to-face talks over texts and don’t text regularly. Being a great thinker, you often make decisions based on reason rather than hasty judgments. All of this may be the motivation for your attention to the tiniest of details and consistent use of periods at the end of sentences, even though, come on, it’s basic grammar.

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2. Multiple Shot Texts Writer

You send a number of brief texts fast. You are likely to come across as enthusiastic and open if you send a statement as soon as it comes to mind rather than breaking your thoughts up over multiple texts. You probably have a lot of friends and are extremely well known, so texting is no longer difficult for you.

Maybe you use textisms and abbreviations in your messages. Textisms are slang phrases used in communications that can be recognized by emoticons, letter or number homophones, abbreviations, and more.

While some people who don’t text as much as you might assume that you are “illiterate” or “lazy” in your texts, this is usually not the case.

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