What Is Gaslighting? The Warning Signs To Know

What Is Gaslighting? The Warning Signs To Know

What to Do If Someone Is Gaslighting You

Last but not least, what should you do if you suspect someone is gaslighting you?

1. Identify the problem.

The first step is to identify the issue. Once something has a name, you may start talking about it in detail and explicitly.

2. Take notes.

You can trust the proof you get by recording occurrences as soon as they happen. When your memory is questioned, having notes from a conversation or utilizing a smartphone app to record your case will give you something to refer to.

3. Gain some distance.

It may be beneficial to stand back from the powerful feelings that gaslighting might arouse. However, you may also try employing some relaxation techniques, such deep breathing or grounding exercises. Physically leaving the environment might be helpful.

4. Set boundaries.

Boundaries communicate to others your level of tolerance in a relationship. Make it obvious that you won’t tolerate behavior like trivializing or rejecting what you have to say from the other person.

5. Get a second opinion.

Tell a friend or member of your family what is happening. It might be clearer to see the problem from another person’s point of view.

6. End the relationship.

The most effective strategy to stop the abuse is frequently to leave the relationship with the person who continually gaslights you, even though it might be challenging.

Gaslighting may begin subtly, but this cunning manipulation has the potential to do serious, long-lasting damage.

A therapist can assist you in beginning to recognize gaslighting and provide assistance with successfully addressing its influence without losing yourself in the process.

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