10 Reasons You Should Never Spy On Your Partner

You may not even realize that you’re doing it.

10 Reasons You Should Never Spy On Your Partner

In fiction and movies, spying is typically represented as either neurotic and paranoid activity or as heroes akin to James Bond. It’s likely that you are spying on your spouse and jeopardizing your shaky marriage even though you probably don’t perceive yourself as either of these extremes.

You could be curious about your partner’s extracurricular activities if you notice secret phone calls, hastily hushed discussions, quickly shutting computers, or unexpected spending. With the advancement of technology, spying is now simpler than ever.

Among the spying practices are:

  • checking your partner’s phone
  • logging onto one’s email account
  • stalking his/her social media pages
  • literally following your partner
  • installation of hidden cameras, wiretaps, trackers

In a way, it even makes sense. It’s really a smart idea to avoid constantly questioning or probing your spouse for information by doing this subtle—or not so subtle—check-up. You only need to “do a little investigation” to be confident that what is being said is true.

Spouses could spy on their partners to find out whether they’re lying, spending time with unsavory people, binge-drinking, gambling, or acting inappropriately in any other way. They can be curious as to whether their wives will actually go to work, whether they are overspending, or whether they are actually where they claim to be.

But spying on your spouse has a downside…

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