10 signs you’re actually a genius

10 signs you’re actually a genius

6) You’re highly flexible and adaptable

The ordinary and less intelligent crack and break, whereas geniuses adapt.

Someone who can adjust to the shifting dynamics of life without breaking is one of the essential qualities of a great genius.

Both on a personal and professional level, this holds true.

The genius’s thoughts and actions adapt and change as needed. Although he or she has strong core principles and important interests, they are never used as excuses to restrict inquiry.

Even when unexpected events occur, discoveries, work, and connections are still created.

Failures and disappointments serve as mental weightlifting exercises and an opportunity to trial novel solutions to age-old issues.

7) You take spiritual gurus with a grain of salt

That you don’t readily fall for emotionally manipulative individuals is another one of the important indicators that you are indeed a genius (even if you don’t believe so).

You are not easily duped.

Despite having strong religious or spiritual convictions, you don’t allow others construct your ideological framework for you.

8) Your inner monolog is intense

As Gardener’s categories show, there are many different sorts of geniuses.

It may be artistic, mathematical, musical, linguistic, visual, and many other things.

But one characteristic of geniuses in general is a propensity for intense inner monologues.

These may be anything from the very ominous and unstable voices that troubled Vincent van Gogh to the more uplifting and ecstatic voices that guided geniuses like Johann Goethe.

The fact is that geniuses are more like an enhanced version of humanity than they are “smarter” than ordinary people.

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It’s not always nice since they are functioning on a different plane.

But the intensity never changes.

9) You tend to overanalyse

Not all geniuses are over-thinkers. They often approach overanalysis.

You could be a specific kind of genius if you have ideas or questions running through your brain that you just can’t get rid of until you’ve answered them.

The most fundamental philosophical question, for instance:

What brings us here?

Another illustration that bridges the gaps between philosophy, physics, the natural world, the physical, and the spiritual is this:

What time is it?

These may be amusing questions for some individuals to consider after seeing a good documentary or when they are a little drunk.

They are unending, everlasting questions for the genius.

10) You admit when you’re clueless

According to his infamous statement, Socrates only fully knew that he knew nothing.

Such people are geniuses.

They tend to be quite self-aware, not because they are usually modest or self-deprecating.

Geniuses are thus acutely aware of the boundaries of intellectual understanding.

They admit when they just don’t know the answer to a question because they understand that they can’t be an authority on everything.

According to Regi George Jenarius, “They find it more productive to say that they don’t know something when they don’t.”

They understand that ignorance in and of itself offers a chance for learning.

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