10 Weird Ways To Make Yourself Sneeze

10 Weird Ways To Make Yourself Sneeze

You’re undoubtedly accustomed to the irritating, itchy sensation you have when you need to sneeze but are unable to. Or perhaps you need to sneeze to clear your throat before you speak, go to a meeting, dine, or greet your date.

It is possible to sneeze on command, regardless of whether you are already experiencing that recognizable prickling feeling or you simply wish to get rid of any irritants. Here are a few tips you might use.

1. Wiggle a tissue in your nose

Before sneezing, a tissue might be helpful!

Make a tissue point by twisting one of the sides. To “tickle” the inside of your nose, carefully insert the tissue inside one nostril and move it back and forth. Some people advise humming while moving the tissue to create more effect.

The trigeminal nerve, also known as the nerve that alerts your brain when it’s time to sneeze, is stimulated by this technique.

Don’t put the tissue too far up your nose when doing this; use caution!

2. Look up toward a bright light

Ever start sneezing when you step outside on a bright day? Some people only need strong light to start sneezing.

This genetic sneeze-starting feature, also known as photic sneezing or, more accurately, ACHOO (autosomal dominant compulsive helio-ophthalmic outbursts), affects around one-third of the population.

It’s unlikely that this approach will work for you if you’re one of the two-thirds of people who lack this quality.

To make oneself sneeze, try glancing at a bright light abruptly. A brief period of eye closure might also be beneficial. Always be careful not to gaze directly at any light source to protect your eyes.

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3. Sniff a spice

Pepper makes you sneeze, and that is not a coincidence. The nerve endings in the mucous membrane inside of your nose are irritated by spices. Your nose responds to inhaling them by expelling them as rapidly as it can. therefore a sneeze ensued.

If you want to spice up your sneeze, common selections include black, white, and green pepper. Other seasonings like cumin, coriander, or crushed red pepper are also options.

Just a tiny bit at a time; too much can turn something from delightfully spicy to excruciatingly searing.

4. Try plucking out an eyebrow hair

Some people’s reflexive sneezes can be triggered by simply removing a brow hair. Pull out a pair of tweezers and remove one eyebrow hair to see whether this will make you sneeze. This could be sufficient to trigger a sneeze.

With the tips of the tweezers, grab the brow hair close to its root and swiftly pull it out.

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