The Healing Powers Of Cats: Your Furry Friend Can Boost Your Health

Did you know that, in addition to all the other reasons we enjoy cats, it has been shown that they have healing abilities?

The Healing Powers Of Cats: Your Furry Friend Can Boost Your Health

There are several stories of cat owners who were hurt or ill who were made to feel better, and occasionally even healed, by their cat’s purr. These intriguing tales may seem like the storyline of your favorite Disney movie or the ramblings of a besotted owner, but research into the cat’s mysterious healing abilities has supported them over the years.

Do cats really have healing powers?

Researchers concur. Unbelievably, these adorable bundles of fur are likely saving us a ton on medical expenses.

4,435 participants were monitored for 13 years in one study by researchers. Even after controlling for other risk variables including blood pressure, cholesterol, smoking, and body mass index, those who had previously had cats had a lower heart attack mortality rate than those who had never owned cats.

According to the researchers, this held true for people even if they did not currently own cats, which shows that cats function more like preventative medication than a kind of continuous illness therapy.

According to the study, pet owners:

  • need fewer visits to their doctor each year
  • have fewer sleeping difficulties
  • are less likely to need heart condition medicine

The healing powers of cats

1. Cats are good for mental health and well-being

Cat owners do have greater psychological health than non-owners, according to one Australian research. On surveys, they report feeling happier, more self-assured, and less anxious, as well as being able to focus, sleep, and deal with challenges in their life more effectively.

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Getting a cat might benefit your kids as well: In a poll of more than 2,200 young Scots between the ages of 11 and 15, youngsters who had close relationships with their cats reported higher levels of happiness. When people are more connected, they feel healthier, more alert, and less depressed and lonely. They also enjoy their alone time, leisure activities, and school time more.

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