100 Love Paragraphs for Her to Cherish

100 Love Paragraphs for Her to Cherish
  • Funny Love Paragraphs for Her

Funny love paragraphs are a terrific method to express “how much I adore you.” To make a girl blush and chisel a path through her heart falls under the category of nice things to say.

  • Dear, I’m happy to let you know that ever since we first met, I’ve been in love with you. I’d want to introduce myself as a potential lover. For a period of two months, our relationship would be on trial. There will be a performance evaluation when the period of probation is through, and the promotion from lover to spouse will follow.
  • Wow! I believe my love for you is unconditional. Can I be so brave as to ask you to study with me on a Saturday afternoon, then invite you to the movies, then dinner, then dancing, and finally, assuming you weren’t sick of my lack of impartiality, ask you for a kiss? Please respond, or speed up the process by giving me this kiss right away!
  • I dispatched an Angel to keep watch over you while you slept, but the Angel returned sooner than I had anticipated, so I questioned why the Angel had indicated that Angels don’t watch over an Angel.
  • You could find me annoying and want to murder me. I’ll let you, but there’s a catch. Please refrain from shooting me in the heart, for that is where you are!
  • If I were Juliet and you were Romeo, Shakespeare’s original version of our narrative might have been a little different. In the end, we wouldn’t have died for each other; instead, we would have continued to live for one another. I cherish you.
  • You remind me of a flower when you smile. Your innocence and voice may both be compared to cuckoos, but when it comes to sheer idiocy, you are head and shoulders above the rest.
  • In the event that “You plus me” equaled “Perfect Love,” mathematicians would have been right. Do you know what we are? I’m grateful you’re mine.
  • I believe you are deficient in the vitamin “Me.”
  • I cherish you with all of my heart. Heart would be appropriate, but my belly is larger.
  • Because he took all the stars in the sky and put them in your eyes, your dad must be a thief.
  • I would be a mouse if you were cheese so I could munch you piece by piece. I would be a cat if you were milk so I could consume you slowly. But even if you were a mouse, I would still be a cat, allowing me to eat you whole. I cherish you.
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