12 Laws Of Karma That Will Change Your Life

12 Laws Of Karma That Will Change Your Life

A way of life called karma encourages good deeds and thoughts.

Karma might be compared as the spiritual version of Newton’s Law of Motion. “There is an equal but opposing reaction to every action.” When we behave, speak, or think negatively, that bad energy will be reflected back to us.

Karma = Action


1. The Great Law or The Law of Cause & Effect

Good or poor outcomes might be the result of our ideas and deeds. If we want things like success, love, harmony, peace, etc., we must be ready to behave in such ways.

You will harvest what you sow. In other words, if you show people happiness and positivism. You will then receive the same in return.

Any energy one expends in the universe will eventually return to them.

2. The Law of Creation

Participation leads to what we want. You have to actively get out there and make things happen; you can’t just sit around and wait for nice things to suddenly materialize in your life.

The life we observe all around us was a result of someone’s actions. Because we are a part of the universe, our intentions affect how things develop. Things, both good and terrible, don’t just happen because what we surround ourselves with becomes a part of us. Create the nice and positive things you desire in your life as a result.

12 Laws Of Karma That Will Change Your Life

3. The Law of Humility

To alter something, one must first accept it.

Embrace both the good and the terrible in your life. Avoid dwelling on the negative aspects; if you do, the related unwanted sensations will stick with you.

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We commit to a zero-sum outcome when we concentrate on the bad rather than making changes to alleviate the negative.

4. The Law of Growth

You follow you everywhere you go. If we wish to develop spiritually, we must change, not the people, places, or things around us.

We are only given ourselves. The only thing we can control is that.
Only if we commit to changing what is in our hearts will there be real change.

5. The Law of Responsibility

Most of the time, when something feels off, it probably is. It is a universal truth that we mirror what is around us and that what is around us reflects ourselves. As a result, we are required to accept accountability for the events in our life.

We are in charge of how we present ourselves to others, how we let others treat us, and how we treat each other. By accepting responsibility for your role in each event, you may put this law into effect.

6. The Law of Connection

Everything in the universe is interconnected, thus even the tiniest or seemingly least significant tasks must be completed. The following phase follows the previous one, and so on. To complete a task, some beginning labor must be done. The importance of either the first or last step is equal. Both of these are required to complete the mission. The three eras of time are interconnected.

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