15 Reasons You Need A Sarcastic Friend In Your Life

9. None of you ever get offended.

Every day, you spout obscenities at one another. You don’t think twice about making fun of and making jokes about one another.

Knowing there are no malicious motives hidden behind any words said between you is crucial.

You are with someone who genuinely cares about you. You seldom ever engage in conflict as a result.

10. A cynical world view can sometimes be useful.

You occasionally need to see the world with a little bit of cynicism. Sometimes human design, rather than a higher power, determines why something is made the way it is.

You need your cynical pal to let you know that! Being romantic is lovely, and you and your sardonic buddy both benefit from each other’s more idealistic outlooks.

11. Because sometimes you’re being ridiculous.

Your issues can occasionally be silly. You may be dumb at times. But it’s all right! Everybody experiences foolish issues and occasionally behaves badly.

When you’ve shut yourself up for a week sobbing and pining over someone you dated for a month but didn’t work out, your sarcastic buddy will come around and cracking jokes to get you out of a depression. She or he is the one who helps you see the forest for the trees.

The person who puts things into perspective is your snarky buddy.

12. They push you out of your comfort zone.

Although you may not yet be as snarky as your friend, you are making progress.

You probably didn’t set out to be snarky, but it sort of occurred.

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You notice yourself responding with clever one-liners and making a large group of people in the room laugh with your improper comments.

You are gradually realizing that you don’t really care what other people think of you, which makes you bolder and increases your self-esteem minute by minute.

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