Alone On St. Valentine’s Day? 9 Steps To Feel Happy Being Single

Alone On St. Valentine’s Day? 9 Steps To Feel Happy Being Single

Valentine’s Day may feel like someone is shouting “attention, attention, you are alone” into your ear if you are already feeling lonely. You do not have a neighbor there. Your jacket is that.

Romance, ah. Exactly what everyone needs, no? Wrong. If you’re single, whether by choice or circumstance, the Valentine’s Day marketing machine and the hunt for social approval may make “Singles Awareness Day” depressing or even cruel. When you’re inundated with love films on TV, flowers, romance books, adorable heart-shaped trinkets in the stores, and never-ending drippy commercials and event announcements, it’s difficult to see what else life has to offer.

Be at ease. On Valentine’s Day, being single might bring you joy. If it’s not the right time for you to get married, don’t feel pressured to do so; instead, enjoy the relationship as it is.

How To Be Happy Being Single On Valentine’s Day

1. Get some perspective

If Valentine’s Day makes you feel lonely and makes you remember that you’re “only” single, it could be comforting to know that many other single people also celebrate Valentine’s Day.

  • While some of them could be experiencing the same level of gloom as you, others are undoubtedly laughing at how worthless Valentine’s Day is or not even bothering to acknowledge it. There are also many couples who, while being in love, avoid celebrating Valentine’s Day as much as possible because they despise the pressure to buy presents and observe the holiday routinely and find its commercialization offensive.
  • It could be a little simpler to quit sniffling into your handkerchief once you keep this perspective in mind.
  • Remind yourself that Valentine’s Day advantages are felt at the cash registers of florists, candy shops, gift shops, and restaurants that offer romantic dinners for two.
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2. Love your singleness

Consider all the wonderful advantages of being alone, such as not having to contend with others for the TV remote control and having the freedom to maintain your home as neatly or unkempt as you see suitable. Don’t believe the hype that everyone is happily coupled off because of the “couples” marketing since it doesn’t fully reflect how individuals choose to spend their lives. There are many extremely content single individuals, but it’s simply not in style right now to discuss how happy single people are in the media or in politics.

  • List all the benefits of being single in writing. For instance, having more free time, not having to make sacrifices at home, having less obligations, etc. And consider how some of those positive qualities would disappear in a partnership. Instead than focusing on the negatives, consider the positives.
  • If someone opt to rub your “On Valentine’s Day, when someone shoves “I adore being singleness” in your face, be courageous and respond with compassion. I am free to live how I want to without having to give up control over my food or even my bed.” Additionally, you could want to highlight that data show that half of the population is single, with 51% of women, for instance, living alone.
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