15 Sweet Ways to Tell a Guy You Like Him and Win Him Over

15 Sweet Ways to Tell a Guy You Like Him and Win Him Over

You’ve finally discovered that special person, but does he know you think he’s cute? Rejoin the group! Here’s how to express your feelings to him while still winning him over.

Whether it comes to recognizing when someone is into them, some guys are just total morons. For some reason, people believe that the person who is least interested in them is essentially adoring them. For those of us who are sincerely interested, this is the thing that truly irritates us the most.

They wouldn’t know that we were actually doing it for them even if we dressed up, had our hair done, and purchased an entirely new clothing for them. When it comes to attempting to convince a guy to take a hint, doesn’t this exhaust everyone else?

It might be challenging to express your interest in a man, especially when you don’t know him very well. And being shy, like me, makes it worse. But somehow I’ve been able to make my argument really clearly.

How to tell a guy you like him and win him over

It isn’t always simple. It may be like pulling teeth to get guys to look at you for more than a half-second when they are so focused on their current obsession—cough, fantasy football, cough—that they are sometimes oblivious to anything else.

I’ve put all of my unique tactics together because I’ve been there and done that so you can use them for yourself. This is how I approach a guy and hopefully win him over!

Straight up tell him. 

Men are pretty blunt individuals. He will undoubtedly catch the hint if you just tell him you like him. This requires some bravery on your side, and most females typically choose a different path since they want to create a bigger impact. But hey, give it a shot if nothing else works!

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Have an interest in his interests. 

By showing an interest in the topics a person is interested in, you may demonstrate your interest in him. If he enjoys music a lot, mention some recent concerts you’ve attended. He might not immediately notice that you’ve adopted his hobbies, but he will begin to regard you as compatible—and in the world of guys, that’s near enough.

Compliment his looks. 

Tell him that you think he’s gorgeous, of course! Telling a guy that you think him attractive will undoubtedly capture his attention. Additionally, this will draw his attention to you and cause him to start thinking about you.

Compliment his work. 

Perhaps more than their appearance, guys probably like hearing compliments about their employment. Inform him that whatever his current endeavor is, he’s doing a fantastic job. He will undoubtedly appreciate the praise and the fact that you paid attention. He’ll start to pay attention to you as well.

Ask him about himself. 

It is considered a sign of interest if someone expresses an interest in another person’s private life. Inquire about his upbringing, youth, and objectives on a personal level. He will undoubtedly be moved by your efforts to get to know him better and consider it as a sign that you are interested in him.

Use body language. 

Men are far more attuned to what your body is doing than what you are expressing with your words. It’s sad in a way, but it’s undoubtedly true. When the two of you are speaking, lean in closer, flirtatiously flick your hair, and swing your hips as you leave. All of them are effective methods to demonstrate your interest in him, and he will undoubtedly pay attention.

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