12 Phrases Men Hate To Hear In A Relationship

12 Phrases Men Hate To Hear In A Relationship

Men dislike hearing certain things from women. Why? so they become immediately defensive.

Men psychologically dislike feeling insecure.

Their heartbeat quickens, their blood pressure increases, and they are more prone to experience a stress reaction. It’s only a few words to you. It’s a little phrase that he will never, ever forget. These apparently unimportant observations can seriously damage a relationship.

1. I’m too tired.

A simple “I’m too sleepy” makes your boyfriend feel rejected when you decline his sexual approaches. It would be good for him to hear something like, “I would definitely like to have sex with you, but I’m actually, truly fatigued – give me a rain check!” because guys are used to coming up to bat and striking out.

Even though you might feel exhausted, this isn’t usually a suitable excuse for skipping out on sex. Who knows if you provide some kissing and cuddling? You could find that you are actually in the mood.

2. You’re going out with the guys again.

Complaining in any way is of no assistance. It might be preferable to accept that males occasionally prefer to hang out with other men if you want the individual to change. And women do really need to do the same for their group of female friends. Inform him that you’re OK, but not this time since it’s happening too frequently. More so since you require his assistance for a task at work, the kids’ yearly day, or examinations.

3. My ex used to do that.

There are two reasons for this: First of all, nobody like hearing about someone else’s former significant others. No matter how amusing or thrilling the story, it may either cause a man’s ego to become unbearably inflated or it may cause him to feel inadequate. Second, it gives men the impression that they are in some way up against a specter of your past.

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4. We never do anything fun anymore.

Why is it a problem? Because it places the entire burden of duty on him, and research indicates that using terms like “always” and “never” can be explicitly threatening. They are more prone to produce an adverse response. Therefore, ladies, own your feelings. You may say, “I miss you. Can you arrange a date night for us? You’ll sound less intimidating and he’ll be far more receptive to the idea if you do it that way.

5. Does this make me look fat?

A sentence like that has a problem since it emphasizes the negative. What are you anticipating him to say? Yes, you appear obese! Even when they are in love, guys rarely pay attention to a new outfit or hairstyle. All they can say is that they think you look amazing.

But what if he appears unaware and you’re wondering if your partner is still attracted to you or if you just need some affirmation? Adopt a constructive mindset. Say something hilarious like, “Check out this rockin’ bod – five days of Pilates in a row!” or inquire, “Hey, how do you like my haircut.” That’ll make him open up.

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