25 Car Products That Are A Complete Waste Of Money

25 Car Products That Are A Complete Waste Of Money

1. Oversized Spoilers

Only when necessary, spoilers provide an aerodynamic purpose by “spoiling” air currents that cause drag and turbulence. They only add weight to the automobile when they are entirely decorative. Additionally, when they get enormous for no apparent purpose, they become little more than unsightly police magnets that can actually harm performance and aerodynamics.

2. Fake Performance Badges

Those who believe they can posture their way into a high-performance vehicle by just placing a sticker on an ordinary make are among the saddest types of drivers. It’s possible to spot an AMG logo on an obvious entry-level Mercedes or a sticker intended to fool people into believing a plain BMW is a fictitious M3 hatchback.

Though it’s difficult to guess who exactly badge posers intend to mislead, don’t be a fool by joining their ranks.

3. CDs in the Rearview Mirror

Some car accessories might be both free and useless at the same time. It’s a persistent myth that placing a CD or DVD in your rearview mirror would somehow interfere with and deflect police radar, rendering your vehicle invisible to officers using radar guns. No, it won’t. It’s a long-debunked urban myth, and since law enforcement is aware of it, you’ll probably stand out even more if you mention it.

4. Anything in the Rearview Mirror

It may be illegal to hang anything in your rearview mirror in some areas since dangling items can impair your eyesight, even if you aren’t trying to purposefully thwart authorities with an evident and ineffectual disc.

Innocent objects like air fresheners, super-cute fuzzy dice, rosary beads, and even handicapped placards—which you should take off whenever you aren’t parked—fall under this category.

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5. Cupholder Swivel Trays

If you want to eat fast food while driving, you can spend $15 on a cheap device that converts your console cup holder into a swivel tray, but you shouldn’t. First off, it’s probably not a good idea to travel at 65 mph while holding an elevated, swiveling mini-dining spread 8 inches from your face.

On websites like Amazon, many of the leading brands also receive negative ratings for being shoddy built, ill-fitting, and wobbling. The likelihood that you will ultimately lose your burger and fries after a quick turn or an abrupt halt is about 100% if you use it frequently enough.

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