Did You Know Octopus DNA Is Not Of This World?

Did You Know Octopus DNA Is Not Of This World?

An octopus’ DNA is unlike any other. Nobody is aware of the origins of their DNA. They are known as “de novo,” which translates to “from nowhere.”

Yes, octopus DNA is very peculiar. In fact, because the octopus genome was so unlike from what we typically find in mammals, several scientists described it as extraterrestrial when it was sequenced in 2015.

Ocean mysteries

Numerous riddles about our planet’s waters might perhaps shed light on many questions about life itself. Marine biologists have made slow but steady advancements over the past few decades toward a better comprehension of nature and life.

In an effort to better understand cephalopods, a group of researchers decided to do some study and focused on these group of animals.

The molluscs’ coleoid subclass includes the octopus, squid, and cuttlefish. They have a more than 500 million year evolutionary history, which predates the arrival of plants on land. These organisms may be found in practically every ocean, at almost any depth.

Did You Know Octopus DNA Is Not Of This World?

They are primarily distinguished by a wide variety of amazing morphological features, including bodies that are incredibly flexible, eyes that resemble cameras, and “advanced” chameleonic responses. Invertebrates are the creatures that control the waters because they have a greater nervous system than other animals.

They are said to be the most intelligent invertebrate, with highly developed brains and complex problem-solving abilities. So, as if octopuses opening jam jars wasn’t bizarre enough before, scientists have now come to the conclusion that these aquatic critters are even more perplexing.

Weird octopus

Octopuses are among the strangest of the estimated 8.7 million species on Earth. These eight-legged geniuses have not one, but three hearts and can quickly disguise themselves. They can even unscrew themselves from tightly sealed jars. Even stranger, it is now known that octopuses have the ability to alter their genetic makeup. And after examining their DNA, some researchers are shockingly asserting that they could actually be aliens.

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Researchers have discovered that octopuses (NOT Octopi) are in fact wholly distinct from any other species on our planet according to the first-ever complete genome sequence. A astonishing 33,000 protein-coding genes have been found in their genome, more than in a person, demonstrating a degree of complexity never previously seen in a living organism.

With its eight prehensile arms, huge brain, and excellent problem-solving skills, the octopus looks to be completely distinct from all other animals, including other molluscs, according to US researcher Dr. Clifton Ragsdale from the University of Chicago.

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