25 Damaging Things You Should Never Say To Your Kids

25 Damaging Things You Should Never Say To Your Kids

Destructive words are far more powerful than sticks and stones. These strong forces can cripple, ruin, and crush just as easily as they can uplift, encourage, and nurture. Due to this, parents today more than ever must exercise caution when speaking.

Words have the power to cause harm. In fact, the harm they do is frequently harder to fix than any physical injuries. Children are considerably more sensitive to the effects of harsh words than adults are. Based on the words a parent uses, they might quickly adopt false concepts and beliefs. Once this happens, it can be very challenging to change the incorrect concepts once they have taken shape.

Prevention is the key to avoiding verbally harming a youngster. Parents may wish to take a proactive approach by being familiar with the typical offenders when it comes to harsh language. Read on for a list of 25 words and phrases that will harm a child forever.

1. You Ought To Feel Shame About Yourself.

When a parent uses the time-honored reprimand, “You should be ashamed of yourself,” they are trying to make their child feel guilty for their actions. Most likely in the hope that they will alter it. Therefore, a parent not only declares that their child is a shame, but they also do so in a sneaky, passive-aggressive manner.

Shame is a tremendously potent emotion, but when a parent uses it to correct or modify a child’s conduct, it frequently backfires. This repeated remark may eventually cause a child to think they aren’t good enough and can’t do anything correctly in their minds. As a result, kids could decide to give up entirely on trying to win over their parents.

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The majority of child specialists concur that advising a child to feel ashamed of themselves is not a helpful suggestion. It offers little to assist children in learning acceptable and courteous behavior because, at best, they are entirely oblivious to its significance. In the worst case scenario, it leaves emotional scars.

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