Every Woman Needs A Tribe – Here’s Why

Every Woman Needs A Tribe – Here's Why

These days, being a woman is challenging. We need supportive ladies who share our values by standing by us and going through life with us.

Women shared a lot more back then than they do now. They collaborated to cook, acquire food, and take turns caring for the baby. The ladies and the kids lived in close proximity to one another and regularly turned to one another for support and consolation.

Women are much more separated from one another and from one another in their own homes and lives today. The chances to come together are considerably more few, and the amount of time spent together is drastically cut down. Women lose out on the wonderful nourishment and healing that comes from interacting with others as a result.

It takes vulnerability to let those we love into our lives, to let them show up, to let them comfort and encourage us, and it takes us to do the same for them.

Why Women Need a Tribe

Every Woman Needs A Tribe – Here's Why

Here are a few explanations for why every woman needs her own tribe.

1. Having sisters is a strong force.

We modern women today do not have the same freedom and independence that our tribe sisters and hunter-gatherer predecessors did. However, it turns out that even if we no longer require that strong sisterhood to survive, we still do it in order to thrive.

Numerous studies are starting to show that women’s health and happiness are significantly impacted when they form close relationships with other women. Women experience a tremendous and frequently life-changing impact when they band together to share and encourage one another.

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